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Discord 101: Tips for a Thriving neighborhood</h1>
Well, good, good, look who it's You’re the first rate awesome person who hooked up their very own Discord server! Your reputable medal is in the mail and now the true exciting starts offevolved. Finding some neighbors to hang with and percentage an identical component you like. certain, like your pet chinchilla, Turkey. Let’s make your server welcoming! keep in mind the cafeteria on the 1st day of school? If you didn’t be aware of wherein to sit down, who to consult with, what to do? you would possibly simply flip round and cross read by myself within the library. Wait become that just us? Well, both way, don’t let your Discord neighborhood consider lost! While new contributors join deliver them your version of a web organization hug.

Or at least a cushty, common, completely chill, “hello.” you may as well installed a welcoming squad to personally greet new contributors. Then create spaces around subjects for participants to get to know each other. Need aa topic? Start with animals, memes or breakfast tacos. Now that your community is feeling joyful, hold them coming returned for more with a consistent experience! test scheduled neighborhood events like Karaoke, MeetUps or Gaming Nights! now not a gamer? attempt AMAs, Product Launches or maybe hen watching. the next move is popping your server into aa true community. the kind of place that feels like a neverending backyard barbeque with your best friends and chinchillas.
But there’s no shortcut to this, so spend time together, ask questions, and proportion some embarrassing stories! Did you spot individuals discussing extraterrestrials? Create a weekly Unidentified flying object voice chat. Follow your community tendencies to motivate much more sharing! You and Turkey have put in lots of paintings building your Discord neighborhood. It’s time to empower them by way of accomplishing out for your members to determine who would like to be a moderator or help out! Now that rythem discord bot ’ve received a few help, you could continue to be on top of criticism make adjustments and keep growing with your community! Aww geez, what a neighborhood you’ve made. So dang proud of you.

How to apply Discord App - Easy Discord Academic</h1>
okay near your eyes think a. wonderful location where you will get. including pals look at photos. which are nearly your heart listen to. tune that gives you goosebumps ok. open your eyes where could you find such. a marvelous location I guess you could do. it at home but when your friends are in. distinctive places and you don't need to. chance Johnny spilling beer on your online game. of Thrones sofa lower back. hate Johnny then you would like discord let me. enable you use it hello my pal. i am Ian Corzine your YouTube neighborhood. attorney today i will be talking. approximately how to apply discord if you end up not. a gamer you are just aa regular individual you. like games you simply can't decide. what each of these buttons does which. one geese bullets lower back very well let's. simply get to it. you start with discord by way of joining a.
Discord server you join a server with the aid of. going to discord comm or you can also. click an invitation link sent you by means of. yet another discord member it's important to. keep in mind that you should use discord in. your browser computer app or mobile app. what is a discord server what is just a. digital region for your folks to move. chat by means of voice by means of video via textual content there. are hundreds of thousands of public and private. inviteonly servers and you'll become a member of an. unlimited quantity there are public. discord servers so that you can take part. nearly any possible curiosity you may. think of like images. selfimprovement courting even ariana. grande been there all day now you obtain me. walking unhappy too sad the best way to discover. public servers that suit your curiosity. vicinity is to go to websites like discord. dot me or dis Borg or discord servers. com i'll put hyperlinks to these web content in.
the outline part less than in a. minute I'm going to get back to the way to. use discord but I desired to inform you why. i think that discord is the future of. online social collaboration whether. you're a gamer or no longer 90 million clients. can't be incorrect discord is totally. blowing up with over 14 million logins. in step with day discord will soon be the fastest. on-line social collaboration platform in. the world why does all people love discord. so much well for one it combines the. functions of slack skype zooms fb. Instagram multi function location at no cost sure. you may voice chat you can video. you can textual content chat you may screen percentage. you could video teleconference you may. even percentage that hilarious suggest you're so. funny for 2 it is splendid for youtubers. due to the fact discord integrates YouTube in. its procedure so you could announce you could.

Percentage and you can discuss in genuine time. your video clips and while persons watch your. video clips at the discord platform those. perspectives count towards your total perspectives on. your YouTube channel for 3 it's as. simple and secure certainly as 256bit. encryption and stable platform that. hardly ever goes down not like Facebook last. week it has no storage boundaries and. you can access discord in your computer. through a browser or a mobile device and. it is an open platform with outside. builders increasing the tune and the. video features of discord on a daily. basis I admire discord and that i particularly. love the channels characteristic once you are a. member of the server you will see and. access the channels of that server so. you will see that a servers channels at the. lefthand part of the discord app I. always reflect on channels as rooms in a.

Home while the house is the server. and the rooms are the channels you could. see in my server that i've three main. channel categories first one is textual content. channels second one is voice channels. and then the 0.33 is YouTube channels. lower than each category i've the various. channels so chat central is used for. simply standard discussion guidelines is used. for presenting some rules for those that. are at the server admin only is for the. admins which will communicate privately and. mods purely is likewise for the moderators to. be capable to communicate privately then we have a. voice channel bulletins is where I. make bulletins for my YouTube. channel video clips where I publish my video clips. legal templates is where I have authorized. templates for you to download after which. giveaways is a channel that I use for. giving develop observe of giveaways that.
we're doing at the channel that's what's. so remarkable approximately discord you can organize. the information in the dialogue by. topic it is not like a mishmash of. communications like you have on different. social media platforms as you will find. switching among channels is truly. simple you only click on the channel and. it takes you there it's also easy to. switch between servers this is the. DeFranco server the chipster server and. in spite of this my server now each channel. has countless settings that you can regulate. with the aid of going over to this gear icon clicking. on it you may definitely difference the. channel name the channel subject you may. input within the permissions this is what. each of the participants who're touring the. channel can and cannot do. invitations that's the way you invite somebody to. be a player in the channel and then. internet hooks is an extremely awesome thing that.
discord video player bot got to get into perhaps make a video on. wherein it helps you to get realtime. data from other functions like. Twitter which comes and publishes discord add bot to server to. your discord server so it's aan awesome. little operate that i'm gonna get more. into i feel I'm gonna have my Twitter. feed on that the owner of a discord. server can create certain roles let's. say a moderator that have extraordinary. capabilities in keeping with channel i am gonna create a. new video arising where I will show you. how to establish your server and the way to. assign roles and permissions subsequent at the. agenda is the discord textual content field that's. definitely the best textual content field I have. ever seen obviously on the discord. server if you're gonna do a textual content chat. you're simply gonna say PI my name is Ian. after which that is easy sufficient you may call. out and do a mention with the aid of adding the @.
image after which typing the first few. letters of a member of your server so. Ramona ping Peggy here and write her a. message after which to DM one in every of your. individuals you may just go over for instance. cross over to Brandon right here right click on. there and then pass to message and that. enables you to privately message during this. case Brandon of it really is tech at present with. whatever you want to discuss so. what is genuinely cool concerning the discord. textual content field is that you can just drag. for example it's aa photo so goofy photograph of. me here correct into the area add a. remark let's can kind. and then add and then it'll add. the picture to the exact location where you. are during this in the chat you can do that. with files here's a PDF of fb. PDF returned fb trans or you don't. even need to upload a comment you simply. upload it so that makes it really easy.
For you to include not just audio. files video documents textual content files any can. dossier you nearly can iimagine if the minimize. is 8 megabytes except you pay for the. Nitro plan that's $9.ninety nine a month I. think it increases it to 50 megabytes. also discord has a number of presents. that you can add in your chat which is. amazing and then you also can placed some . emojis there's a lot of choice of. emojis right here and also you get unique emojis. if you are belong to numerous one-of-a-kind. servers right here tipster has a few and Franco. lead has some after which it's very easy. once you've made posts on discord for. you to click those three little. vertical dots after which you may pin a. comment in my case because i am the owner. of the server you may edit the remark. or you can delete it so I'm gonna delete. this one due to the fact that image is.

Horrendous and so yeah now I'm going to. edit this one with the aid of clicking on the 3. dots and hit an edit typing in well. morning so it is very easy to be able. to regulate your posts after you lead them to. ultimately you could add what is called. markdown text which is a method to. symbolize that you really want the following. words to be both bolded italics. underline strikethrough it is really easy. to do a good way to do formidable you simply. click you simply push on of these. stars asterisks matters and then write. good morning and then finish it with the. asterisks and then push return after which. it does good morning butthey bolds it. an extra one is define you may pass below. underscore underscore well morning. underscore underscore after which you've. an underlined good morning so that's a. thanks to type of emphasize your textual content when.
You're talking to numerous members of. your discord server this Court does. voice chat rather well this stems from. incontrovertible fact that it became originally created for. gamers players need aa reliable chat with. minimum latency dis cords latency feels. to me on the spot which is top notch for. enterprise meetings or crew communications. and event planning through default when you. cross right into a voice Channel your microphone. is warm you will see here it says. voice connected that allows you to difference. that so you have a pushto-talk so that. signifies that you get a key on your. keyboard that you carry down everytime you . desire to talk in a voice chat you just move. right down to the apparatus icon right here you cross. over to voice and video after which you could. click pushto-talk which will provide. you a dialog field permitting you to go into. in the key that you really want to apply on your.

Voice chat right this moment I desire to hold my. microphone warm so i'll depart it on voice. recreation as a way to get persons in your. voice channel you could simply use the textual content. field you know and correct at certainly one of your. contributors and say whats up leap bounce on the. voice chat or you also can cross over to. one in every of your members right here name color. fairy and you can right click and then. you may go to this that's call and you. can call them and say whats up leap on the. voice chat with me an extra cool thing is. when you have a voice channel going you. rightclick on the person's name and also you. can mute you can deafening mute skill. sincerely discontinue any sound from coming. out of your computing device to the chat deafened. means discontinue any sound coming from the. computing device to you or the sound coming from. your microphone into the chat the massive. factor to keep in mind that I had a hard time.
Remembering turned into when you are in voice. chat so I'm during this voice channel correct. now the general voice channel earlier than you. leave you usually obtained to recollect to hang. up and there's this little phone icon at. the lowest says disconnect you must. disconnect otherwise your mic will be. warm for the complete time that you are on. discord that could or may not be a good. aspect I desire to talk over with you approximately dis. cords friends feature for the last few. minutes we have been talking about how do. you interact with members of a given. server yet what if you have pals on. discord who are not contributors of your. server can you still speak to them certain. discord lets you sustain a friends. list regardless of their admission to. the servers you belong to. to entry the chums function simply go to. the discord domestic button right there and.
Then click on neighbors and all your. list of pals appears at the. righthand facet see my whole list i've. one friend assist me to start to accrue. neighbors which obviously i need to do you. go over to in your server to the correct. hand facet you correct click the name of. the server member and then you say and. then you click on upload buddy and that. will ship a chum request to the member. of the server and then you may building up. your record of friends you recognize what's so. super approximately associates without a doubt is that. they exist despite club to a. server so that you could have an entire list of. associates that maybe aren't participants of. your servers that you comply with yet that. you're still your folks you could DM you. can video teleconference you are able to do. audio calls could percentage information with. them differently to get acquaintances is to go.
Into this little seek blank here. and if you recognize your friend's username. for discord you can sort that in and also you. can discover buddies and click upload friend. after which which will be lip padded for your. acquaintances record also I simply desired to. mention some capabilities that you will. want to know that allows you to difference the. appearance of your discord server you. just click on the apparatus icon there and. then you definately go over to visual appeal and you. could have a lightweight topic I just like the darkish. yet you can have a light-weight subject you may. have a we do relaxed but you may do a. compact healthy which seems like this it is a. little bit extra tight you see just the. text of the chat or you could return in. my case. i really like the dark and the comfortable. which is what we see here another thing. that you may want to do because your. discord server may begin getting busy is.
change the notifications and how you do. that is go to the apparatus icon and then cross. over here to notifications and you can. difference all of the notifications in your. servers that you're a member of so a. well example is textto-speech. notifications you can say by no means several. exceptional actions at the server you could. turn off and on and they will make them. they will make the sound that they make. but it's very important due to the fact over. time i've a small server here yet over. time whilst there's a lot of contributors of. your server you may get plenty of. notifications and iit may. you recognize interrupt your workflow you could. additionally incorporate several social media. apps into your discord server to do it. just go to the equipment icon go up to. connections and then you'll find the. a number of different social media platforms. that you'll be able to comprise into discord.
i've chosen to incorporate fb. spotify after which youtube it essentially. facilitates you bigger fill out your profile. moreover there is sure features. you are able to do when you've got integration. like with a youtube channel i suppose you. can make a discord server for under. your subscribers perhaps to inspire them. to subscribe to your YouTube channel so. over the years you should use these integrations. bigger i feel that if other participants. have a top rate Spotify account you could. send them songs in the textual content field to. hearken to and then you can together. listen to tune on Spotify so back. there are particular capabilities which you. may have for your integration of your. numerous social media apps and i also. would like for you to take a look at this. video right here I believe it will help you. be even more successful with video and.

Giving @ discord self bot to 39,701 people... (RIP Discord)</h1>
o.k. let's examine what happens. i'm gonna view everyone possible. i've a discord server with 39 seven-hundred. individuals. and iin this video i'm secretly allowing. at everybody. this provides any steady user the ability to. ping. tens of hundreds of thousands of folks typically. this is a genuinely undesirable thought. you'll should be an fool to provide out. this permission but. it makes for a pretty good video let's. flip it on at this time. additionally if you relish this video subscribe. because i am doing it lower back. when we hit one hundred thousand contributors. all right players i got my stopwatch correct. right here. i'm gonna start it after which quickly. enable all people. a dead ringer for that let's see how long it. takes okay gamers so we bought the. popular one chat happening i am correctly. gonna hop over to my alt account. and check out at everyone. as you can see it's currently active. all right let's see how lengthy it takes.

security Contracts! when looking ahead to the SNOW! GTA on line !join !discord</h1>
Uh. uh. uh. uh. ah. yo shout out to king pab coming in first. yeah toddler. yeah you recognize what i need within the chat. flip me up. flip me all the way. is up. yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. in four. 3. . one hi there yo. what's going on every person it is tylarius. aka ty killington. yeah. ah. it's simply. ah. what up. oh. yeah. yeah a correction has been made you only. need 2 hundred. contracts now to max out your daily. revenue. however the daily income is 20 grand iinstead. of fifty.. so simply recognize that yeah 2 hundred now. the info has been released yes . 200. it is not 500 contracts yeah it is. 2 hundred.. so yeah i have already done uh like 20. to date that is. it's the vacations guy i am busy i used to be. i had mexican nutrition for the 1st time. at present in like months in order that turned into. awful day that you'll see. you know when you go on a nutritious diet. for a while dude you only can't consume.
Those meals no more man it is no well. for you. it's just no well. no s nada i'm gonna i'm gonna kick it. off where to begin a uh. we're gonna begin with a uh. good day phone assignment. yo what you need. alright. i'll ask around to come again to you. do it. hi there. you guys hear me ok video game sound okay. you men listen me okay game sound ok. is there an echo is there an echo. is there an echo. it's so stupid. you ever heard of this exhibit known as. closet ceo but a few billionaire. pretends to be one of his broke ass. workers for a day or two yet retain. thinking about that aand then consider. the ceo of goold coast development this. dude is a worldclass union. busting deficient operating stipulations. corruption intimidation guy you call it. and determine this out now you're about to. throw some overalls and play nice for. the employees on his site for the cameras.
Now complete disclosure i did a few work a. whilst ago that gave this marketplace. magnitude a boost but that changed into before i. heard what a piece of this [ __ ]. surely is so whilst a client got here to me. with a suggestion to make a few expenses off. liquiddating his ass guy i pronounced hell yeah. our client gonna short the out the. goold coast progress stock and we gon. ice this fool whilst he is playing. construction employee for this dumb ass. show the stock tank our purchaser get wealthy. we receives a commission if we make it seem like he. died because of some dangerous stipulations. on his website makes it even better nice. no no buzz cut oh yeah i ultimately acquired me. a proper acquired me a proper fade bro. looking good guy look at that look at. that proper. right fade it's well it appears real good. it's not it is not it simply feels like. it is buzzing up buzzer. yeah i used to be in there forever i used to be like.
pay attention this is not right you purchased to get. this slightly tighter a bit. you recognize yeah. i needed to get it right for the vacations. thank you smokey. you recognize mel's having a party later good day. smokey neglected hilarious mentioned thank you man. i was showing her the the donations. she proposal that turned into really cool guy for. real. thanks a great deal bro seriously that. became completed. oh again turn returned flip yeah come on come. on get it oh. so near jesus christ. honorable machinery at that web site plenty. of it placing fantastically just about people if. you seize my drift. i think i did this one the other day. i've had a mohawk already. oh it's your birthday bro nice completely happy. birthday man hell yeah. oh smokey it's super you don't know. everybody too it was it become awesome. yeah yeah yeah we know what to do on. this we simply obtained thiis done the other day.
We know what to do. we gonna ought to shoot. are you able to i wonder whether you can use your individual. sniper rifle. you know what i suggest. do you guys recognize if you can use your personal. there's the objective this is what we've. to shoot right here. dustin you can't ok. so do i need to choose this bag up although. do i have to pick the backup. oh smokey yeah guy now not a difficulty at all. puppy i got you. preserve strolling over here large man. grand master you know what that's the i. did this one it wouldn't let me skip it. though i do not know why it wouldn't let. me skip it. would not subject ok. get ready get ready. prepare. so dope dude that's so dumb i do not. care anybody says that is married. peace out. 85. ricky rex. eighty five bobby bands. okay. 85 sticky stacks. discuss it. that's good broll photos correct there. uh. what automobiles do i like to recommend for this dlc i.
suggest uh the buffalo. the buffalo and the cullen and. which what it is called the jubilee correct. here the bulldozer one we are going to figure it. out if i if i get it we are going to figure it out. yeah the patriot might be without a doubt i am going to. purchase it dude without a doubt 100 a hundred. gotta preserve it mendo. hey associate. very well i will see if i will get. a few cooking. okay seem this. government of the property is. first one dude off the bat. o.k. you recognize what. i ain't gonna curse in public just. since you do sir. juicer. oh . hit this dude. there it is. oh. correct area. area now you desire again in buddy. big mistake. big mistake. oh yeah you're performed son. oh my god i like it every bit of it. each piece of it. ah. you are done son. face. where's it at. women not anything to be afraid of oh here. it is. you better have whatever good to assert. it's. oh come on dude genuinely.
genuinely. this man right here. whatsoever. go through all that. astonishing. allow me get this watch real fast. thanks very well females have an outstanding. day. be sure you dip your servers. whoops. now the snow will not be right here for an additional. two hours. be approximately hours. mmhmm. good day really nice. squirrel sorry. yo franklin i think you obtain an issue. bro you are on that right here at the devil's. lettuce a bit an excessive amount of there. pal. todd you're not my mother. remain safe. continue to be secure boss. andromeda what's up man comprehend that. dude thanks a lot my man recognize. that. zayn what is up boys drake what is up. friend drake. vip paintings please. please vip paintings for evolver. where are you going buddy. everybody that dies routinely. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. let me sneak on down over right here. many times. look up over there we go goal this guy.
increase baby. yeah pleasant pleasant. have i been to the record yeah i've achieved. each of the lamar missions. the franklin well in fact i need to do. i should be a uh a aid position i have. finished the franklin i need to assist now. you inspiration i was african. what are you attempting to say did you are. you trying to say you idea i was a. black man hear i may well be from africa. and nonetheless be white you recognize that right. okay. you may you could say it's ok good day ty i. inspiration you have been black i get that every one. the time i got some sauce infant i got the. marinara. o.k. i got the honey mustard it is. ok. it's okay. as opposed to thinking or categorizing. persons into oh i thought you have been white. or black to claim oh i presumed you were a. good man or women yet no you're really. just an that is you know that is. okay. correct. inspect this guy. yeah we got that accomplished like in what become.
That became that less than minutes it became. like correct there. you want hen tenders mac and cheese. with the fowl strips. is it going to snow on coyo pariko no. it's unlikely to snow it didn't it. didn't final yr. revolver. what changed into elon musk born in south africa. is that real was he born this up there. yeah i don't know i assumed he was like. danish or dutch or whatever. which is sensible because you comprehend the. dutch in south africa. there's a there's a lot of uh of uh. histories there with them. how's the award development coming this night. i might be really concentrated on it i am just. gambling the game i'm simply trying to get. those hundo safety contracts. you recognize what i mean. that's all i'm attempting to do. whats up companion whats up porter. sorry i can not. nah that ain't gonna work. sorry i can not sharing. oh . yo phalanx what up bro merry christmas.
Time family buddies crew have a great. 2022.. thank you for every little thing oh bro come on man. you guys show them some love within the chat. hashtag phalanx in the chat right this moment. hiya realise that man thanks dude. o.k. i will. yeah yeah yeah. thank you guy bro you men show them. some love please hashtag phalanx in the. chat. today. andromeda thanks fully grasp that. very variety dude. squirrel listen it's too i've. oh we gotta tail the helicopter. i'm not sure i have completed this one. yo charlton borley what is up man. what time is the replace generally uh it is. it's around 4 30 a.m japanese wellknown. time. there we pass now let's take it off. good day charlton thank you guy realize. that. thanks very much you guys show him. some love too man. yo it is it's 2 a.m for me but somewhere. obtainable. it's like 3 p.m right for somebody.
Revolver yeah it is Two hundred contracts no longer. 500.. 4 p.m in japan exactly ideal time to. circulate for those guys i gotta show my. good day. listen i gotta exhibit love obtainable. available to the uh. i assume that is. japan's what the a ways east side right. some distance east yo smokey what up bro. he says my purely donation in these days is i. do not feel like chatting with my bank back. simply wanted to say how a lot i realise. the reaction on twitter i can't put into. words how a lot it means to me what your. predictions are what's your predictions. for the weekly update and just 2 hundred valued at. it 7am here much love whats up guy comprehend. that much dude. um. yeah i believe we ought to be getting the. snow we ought to be getting the snow for. this replace. uh it's aabout the time for that. and is 2 hundred worth it it's valued at it basically. for the content guy just a little it is it is.
A hindrance. hassle yourself you recognize what i imply. so yeah def i feel it's worth it for. that. one hundred thank you man. bro. permit me move shoot those little ones within the face. real fast. can i blow that element up. oh . i feel a gaggle of armored kuruma's in. here it truly is dope. that is dope. for these asking what content material thiis right. here wherein that's. oh this is good. you boys available trying to hit me up. from twitter i see you obtainable. howdy all you're you twitter gangsters. accessible be cautious now be cautious. falling in love with a majority of these unfavorable. nancies accessible i do know who you are. i do know a burner account when I see one. okay. are you twitter burner money owed i do know a. burner account when I see one. uncle ty understands. daddy hilarious. okay full nobody. yo they're washing money. yo look at this. yeah they're actually looking. yo they are doing it right too oh my god.
They bought like yeah i placed like rocks in there you set rocks or something to like melt the costs as much as make them appear so dope no it isn't 500 mah but it's 2 hundred it's 200 now the info become adjusted the info turned into adjusted thanks yeah it is so well oh i i forgot this final one i fully grasp that man seeking sparkling with the uh the apartment with the haircut thank you realise that what this guy right here oh we gotta move let's go child yeah it's Two hundred now boys 200 Two hundred it's 200 now it's 2 hundred no longer 500. oh i need a few more water 2 hundred safety contracts to max out your uh your issue now your daily income yet you get 20 you get 20 racks rather than 50.
retain that in intellect. i form of desire it became still 5 . yeah perhaps. yo what you would like. minutes. well luck obtainable. very well let's do some purchaser activity. let's do a little climb job. uh. oh. there is warm. and there is warm. okay you're going to scouse borrow a diamond. shipment. you're looking me for 4 years now. ensue. how you say your name. but this will be a hell of a lot less difficult. you recognize nothing john smith. girl. yo i like the snow you guys pay attention. you men are a group of infants yeah. yeah we get to snow for like four days. out of a whole yr deal suck it up. buttercup. suck it up it's aabsolutely terrifi. definite the flying is awful yet still. it is ok. i like it. none of you're flying planes anyways. give up pretending like you are. suck it up buttercup benefit from the snow. have some snowball fights it's aamazing. it is stunning.
thanks sky vehicle snowballs and. fireworks. yeah time car using no you don't. you are not driving. you are not flying no planes. you can manage it it's loopy we bought. christmas trees we get christmas lighting fixtures. everywhere it's appropriate it's stunning. dude it's aa beautiful aspect. it's it is culture i love it i love it. i mean christmas is in a few days. for. a number of us you know. it does not final continually we get it for. like 5 days. so what. chestnuts roasting on an open hearth. hiya. partner that's hilarious. received that pay phone hit already. ring ring. oh. the wrong aspect of the line. a whiskey a gogo. man this could be a healthful ass day. of labor the objective is some backless ass. decide i can not lower back out. the judge. oh this can be a golf direction one that's. tight. runner down with a cart oh my god. that's hilarious. your cotton candy  soft is that what he.
stated i have heard that earlier than. oh my god. i need a golfing cart where's the golf cart. oh. oh my god. oh my god so funny. ugh. loser actually obtained caught within the sand. capture. all right i am out of here. really actually mate. so dumb i certainly love it. uh uh. nice. freaking marvelous. move examine my workplace why what's up within the . office. what is occurring. yeah that turned into so humorous. this should be enough um. oh franklin oh friend. oh i just obtained a trophy. yo what you need. all right i will see if i can get. a few cookie. ok. dude. how mostly am i gonna end up gonna. this element has acquired me going to the. unicorn like 24 7 bro. rockstar there is some kings dude a few. kings. okay. oh. that's so nice. screw you. what. you right here to inform me whatever. come on. screw you. i'ma you up. and we are out. smokey oh my god what's up dude i hate. them i hate to overlook a flow yet at 7.
20am and ii've been up for like 36 hours. so i'm gonna head out i am a lightweight one. for then you head to mattress bro very similar to. howdy there you go smokey get it guy. fully grasp that brother for real have a. hi there dude seriously. i like it. hit it up man. my man is over right here getting shot to. portions. safe complete is it 80 600 is that what. which what secure is that my cool. uh. received a golfing ball up there. acquired a golfing ball sticky bomb hard hat. some little trophies. obtained a drumstick. nope. every thing okay. are we getting the auto with the bow on. appropriate we might get delivery i do not know. we might get a few shock deliveries. let's knock these boys out genuine rapid. nice. yeah if you haven't petted shop but. you're a monster. oh what. what the h. the automobile with the bow on top that is. shipping for the uh. i don't click on i am unsure if it might be. this yr or not.
i am not sure if i am going to get this 12 months we. received it. what became that last 12 months. 12 months earlier than. yeah yeah. do i believe snow is coming i it should be. i can not wait i hope we get thiis now. oh god dang. i need to kill these guys. you recognize me. i have to get off the mark too with the. snow never bro. you guys do not do i force automobiles a lot. it's when i'm funds grinding i exploit the. industry too i love driving the vehicles. i'll drawback myself and for the first. like uh the 1st few days of the dlc. all i did was simply drive the trucks. round. you guys do not you do not know me. you don't know me. i will experience the mark too just to make you. men mad just to piss you off. yo what you wish. who do you like. nah that ain't gonna work. sorry i can't. certain. nah that ain't gonna work. down with u.s.a. correct yeah you are. looking an american youtuber with.
American face paint on his person. gambling an american video game. up at american hours keen about. everything usa put down with us. right. permit me get usa in the chat let's move. infant. usa. and french fries. and kfc. and american pie. we we do not we don't mess around we. tear up. america. trust me americans we. we do sufficient to damage ourselves we. don't need no one else's assist we believe. that. we are the finest at that no-one else can. take that aaway from us. we obtained fried oreos we bought cheese poofs. and plus we bought the higher edition of. the workplace hell yeah now the british. version is astounding ricky gervais is. a genius he surely is. the british version of the workplace is so. freaking awkward i like it. we bought we obtained mountain dew. we received wintergreen. copenhagen long reduce. hell yeah. sid certain that could be a genuine thing we have.
Fried oreos over right here. bro hear depart it people can fry. whatever we've fried ice cream we dip. ice cream. into batter after which fry it i swear to. god. that could be a genuine aspect. it became a genuine issue . they took her gear. they took our activity that price ticket they took. a turn. they took a dream. i did the most american thing. i've performed in these days in a long time. can anybody guess what i did in these days. i did might be one of the most ah . american matters ever i am low on it i'm. low on rockets in any case. i assume like fly real near. jesus. ate a hot dog no jesus christ. capturing and searching close near. i am gonna run out of missiles here man. they take your dream. stick returned. i nonetheless haven't got one captain but. jesus christ. i've got one enforcer ok. failings. oh my out of missiles. oh. received extra to go eh. received yet another to move. that's gotta be him.
Oh damn. no that enforcer nearly melted me bro. you notice that. god. what is up natural born keeler. oh you guys are nonetheless speaking about that. i am not telling. is no person right here iranian no dude iran bro. we've i have many people from the. core east out here i got mad love i. bought mad love accessible from persia. i got mad love out there. do not you recognize i am big within the arab world . i'm big in the arab global the nonarab. global dude i'm large obtainable man. i got mad love out there in syria i got. yo i i checked my analytics i got people. out in baghdad looking me bro i am out. right here guy it is ty's global dog. it's ty's world come on dude. canada is like uh it's like diet america. it's like americaa light. that's what it's it is like food regimen united states of america. it's. bro. my neighbors my buddy are you persian. are you. are you persian my pal.
Yeah right right squirrel ty did you. inform someone another nation a way to. stay their life rattling you do do do it. returned john. oh we obtained the uh the all the little. advertisement shiit's finally up jesus. okay there's more pure united states of america. i do not know guy the cocaine in u.s.. is incredibly pure. oh man candace dope dude. one in every of my favorite television shows is uh in. canada. letter kenny love that bro love me. a few letter kenny. screw you jonesy. i was putting out along with your mother last. night and she or he purchased me dinner. screw you riley. uh. allow me may need a contract at present. yeah in case you men ever watch uh yeah. trailer park was it shiit's hilarious too. come on dude. how do you film television shows in canada you. obtained like months of like filming. climate. like 10 months of iciness although. yo pay attention i've visible a few videos of some. snow up in canada bro.
You men think you know what snow is. holy oh my god. you men imagine you recognize what snow is oh. my god. some real snow up there. you gotta purchase your wintry weather clothing from. there you cannot purchase like a jacket in. miami and take it as much as uh canada. and and think like you're gonna be okay. yeah. you know you can't buy you can not buy. your jacket from dallas texas correct. after which pass up there. you know. jim carrey one among my one of my fashionable. most favorite canadians on the earth. ok i admire jim carrey. yo dude. the the trash speaking is on one other. point. i am shoving your driveway at this time yeah. right. you cannot shovel snow in canada you've. to have like a you have like a fuel. powered like. like some type of motor to to get the. snow out of there there is no manner. there is not any manner. oh what up bullet merry christmas man. merry christmas.
Merry christmas out there within the nova. mary criminal. oh yeah. the pay cellphone hits her dope dude i love. him plenty i'm approximately to kick one off. here. yeah i got it. yes i have it. yeah i am gonna ought to preserve i am approximately to. disguise my screen for the uh. i am unable to maintain going back in there. i hate to alter my outfit yeah this. golf outfit is dope. ok but uh. there we move. canada the friendliest vicinity i will provide. you this target's name yet i do know you. have not heard it before. he ain't even noted but quantity he. approximately to be they're speaking about me. a few unwell degenerate trust fund kid who. up people. and now he prefer to do some repute. leadership so he should buy hiis way into. being the subsequent large pop celebrity he acquired a. label and a track that is all paid in. volvo he received an ass facing social media. campaign able to go he is allow me.
again out the number 1 single when it. drops next week now i know what you're. pondering an extra manufacture pop celebrity. so what who cares chamel what's up works. at the list label and he received a few pleasant. intel the label sunk every thing they obtained. into this little son of a if he. has an coincidence not just will the world. be a better location but the label fixing. to go bankrupt now klein just wager. opposed to them. i have heard toronto's bought like insane. strip golf equipment too. so if you are a dude that likes to visit. strip clubs like i listen that uh toronto. is uh especially uh let's pass put this little. evil the wrong type of. headlines. some extent. like it is not letting me skip it they. don't know what the deal is. i do not know why. montreal has greater surely oh we bought. a few. we bought some canadian uh. discontent over right here. gosh it's Two hundred contracts yet it isn't 50k.

It's 20k. use avago's lowrider 2 to make it appear. like a gang hit easy and clear oh my. god. yo nbk nearly three hundred and sixty five days rattling bro almost. received that oneyear badge hell yeah. appreciate that guy. hell yeah. i desire a vagos vehicle. wherein am i from i am not from around here. guy i am from an extra planet. god why cannot we play basketball then. seek the world for. damn all the far more than right here jesus. from a planet referred to as talaria. talaria. it is gorgeous obtainable. gorgeous. good times good instances. let's go to vagos whip oh appear we acquired. one here. yeah this is sparkling too. do not intellect if i do. oh. we obtained a few switches in this undesirable boy too. okay. okay. let me get my homicide weapon. allow me get my homicide weapon. me. okay i see you i see you massive fella. i see you big fella. i must have stayed over here bro. this should have stayed right over here.
God dang. this one a big circle. hola lay residences. international. craziest. eighty five ricky racks. what this vehicle is an unique export. get out of right here. no way you men see this are you men. seeing this it's a. definite i do trust i'll take that. no way what a arise correct there. yo what a arise. pleasant. i'm approximately to make over 100 grand. off one automobile. eighty five for the hit. 20 for the drop. nice. received those side switches in. what changed into that idiot. oh oh [ __ ]. hitting switches. nice. and we get some uh some crimson and we get a. little bit of our reputation. pleasant. what time is the snow coming quickly my. guys soon. oh an ice typhoon yeah you men yeah. better be careful. a bit of ice a bit of rain. freezing temperatures that black ice out. there. no crazy. loopy. the double money might be. related to uh the contracts. yo what if we acquired double cash uh pay.
Phone hits that'd be dope. you're genuine good. i swear watch me get freaking vanilla. unicorn again. yo what you need. yeah i got it. liquidize the resources. yo double funds auto shop contracts. would be ill. especially when the rep has been uh. further to it. oh my god i gotta follow this piece of. sh. with a lot drama within the lbc style of. harvey and. simple t but uh in some way some way. let's move pal. i am on that ass. yo bullet you are still right here. bullet you still keep in mind that yeah i'm. approximately that ass. child that is remarkable yo i am on that ass. that's a few good talking correct. there peppa what's up you ultimately. showered and washed your hair at present. nice it is all well you do not have to do. that every day though you recognize it's ok. you can have a you have a slimy. day each sometimes. what happened to the union depository. yeah something's bugged out with that.
This guy is preventing at a red easy oh. what's that. yeah that kid yo i'm on that ass that. became so that child became roasting dude. i was cracking up. penal complex mike you like that i finally acquired. me uh i showed off back i eventually received. me a proper face my camera makes my it. looks makes it look messed up now this. finally acquired me a suitable fade. correct. yet up up. certain sir. convinced sir. you gotta proportion approximately it fantastic candy . excuse me miss can i get a haircut. please. i have a different date with a unique. girl. and he or she said if i don't have a distinct. haircut then i don't get any distinctive. consideration. anthony thank you i understand them. double on kyo prequels. you nerds rushing me with. cameras. your spare components bud. your weird porno cameras. i know what you're doing in right here you are. now not fooling no person. about an hour and a 0.5 for snow.

About an hour and a 1. yeah a suppressor on a shotgun that's. sick dude it is exceedingly cool it does. sound well. it does. i don't care. i like it. a b c d e. your mother and your activity and your guy. and the you stuck yeah that woman. went after his coronary heart. growth. toddler. w sir where's the snow it's it's right here. you don't see the snow bro. it snows out. you do not see it you do not see thiis now. it's here bro it's in the sport. it's here. you can not see why. you do not see the snow bro. oh anthony precisely yeah you'll. obviously hear it maybe perhaps a little. you recognize maybe a bit concussion but. to not in which it's like every ah you recognize. yeah i'll provide you with that man. never. do i have any missiles. what is how one can earn money in gta. on-line buy shark playing cards. that is the way. shot cards here got your shot cards.
Well shot cards yeah shotgun shotgun. came. it's your shot cards yeah. we got your shotgun. shotguns. well cards right here. [ __ ] of cards. oh. was approximately to claim. 250 contra now 200 is the target i'm not. gonna pass. too loopy i feel 2 hundred is the target. and then i'll do exactly remainder for uh. amusement. pass on now get. tell them jamie. commonplace dude yeah that's the that is the. uh that's the solution. how about this how about persons begin. understanding that red lifeless became under no circumstances. going to be the focus it's just a. filler. pink useless is just a filler that is all it. is i imply it is pay attention persons think that. rockstar has deserted crimson dead now not by way of. any potential. purple lifeless become ex. turned into and is very popular they're not. gonna abandon purple useless dude but listen. they're you men neglect you recognize. people are still very constricted with. what they are able to do.
Getting out going to work you know so. they're they could only do so much. i suggest you guys think that these you. recognize they are able to positioned to place out. good quality content material. you know you need to have all of your. team talk about this it is complicated it's. not an easy component to do look what. happens while they do not talk about. something seem what happened with the. definitive version correct. you recognize so even even like a daily dlc. you recognize but rockstar. has never handled pink useless because the . primary awareness it is usually been the aspect. piece you recognize i am asserting it is it's like. the mistress but they're by no means going to. abandon it it'll it they are going to nonetheless. they'll do stuff with it it just won't. be as common. you know yet. i simply i i am i able to can clarify it to you. yet i can't comprehend it for you you. comprehend what i imply you've to appreciate. like they're they're you will nonetheless get.
plasma bot discord recognize they they are variety of. light on it recently i know they did not. do anything for the they may nonetheless do. anything for christmas people don't you. be aware of it isn't over but. so there might be anything pop out. persons assume like rockstar. has handled red lifeless as like the next. step from gta no it isn't the it isn't. the next move far from gta it's simply. anything that they use. to walk subsequent to gta they you recognize it is. it isn't even shoulder to shoulder it is. like slightly at the back of. right it walks in the back of gta slightly. but they're nonetheless going to do some stuff. over to our purchaser they recognize these. diamonds will be warm but there's hot. let's be real man like crimson useless simply. does not do it for a lot of people. people don't love the oldtimey stuff a. lot of folks do not like that you know. anyway the contest there is not.
certainly not anything happening and you recognize. we'll buy a few horses i am going. to purchase a few like. purchase a brand new such as you understand s m. assless chaps. nah man. nobody no one desires that. let's be genuine. come on but even inspite of that being. generic the game was still extremely popular. sold what offered like 30 million copies. bro aaa titles available might die to. have that. come on. yeah remarkable i was among the few i wasn't. really inspired with the tale i. concept after chapter two or chapter . three it was only a it become very. repetitive you recognize there is not any it become. very. it became very. translucent you know uh. an outlaw outfit would certainly not have. followed dutch like that dude dutch. wasn't it come on dude the complete tahiti. thing you you you need to you get. shipwrecked and everybody nonetheless lives. and you discover one another every person goes to. this i used to be so dumb.
Then you're milking cows afterward and. it turned into ridiculous. that become the same component you recognize uh. dutch messes up a personality dies you. flow to another location dutch messes up. a character dies you progress to a different. it became very very i don't know i simply. didn't love it that a lot after just like the. moment bankruptcy i used to be like this is not. exciting anymore. that is the factor no we are talking approximately. story mode not on-line. and also you guys keep in mind right here whats up it truly is. a company okay the business has each. right to earn money and rockstar makes. cash. manner higher. and a minimum of they are get i imply inspect. the other agencies inspect look at ea. look into what they do with fifa and he is. like you recognize those games are actually performed. they are clearly pay to win correct. you know. and look investigate inspect check out call of. duty you paid 20 bucks.
For uh for a skin. what. for some kind of man or woman outfit. inspect fortnight you pay 20 bucks for. a few. come on guy. so that you can blame anyone for micro. transactions blame fortnite fortnite's. the one that surely tore up with micro. transactions. they are those that actually certainly. pushed the envelope. uh the loot bins with call of responsibility that. turned into extraordinarily shady what i suggest like. you recognize at least once you purchase a shark. card from rockstar you can invest into. anything that will make you cash in. the sport. and hence restrict you from purchasing. shark playing cards. what other micro transaction method. than the other game enables you to do. that. correct. call one. i'm ready call one name one video game. wherein you can spend i imply what. minecraft perhaps are you able to i don't even. comprehend if that is achieveable. you could you can buy cash on gta and.
Invest it into whatever that makes you. money in the sport and that might avoid. you from purchasing quick playing cards you guys see. what i am talking approximately right here you know so. and hear we've had what 30. no like 40 deal 40 free dlcs. come on guy you guys sort of gotta you. understand start giving credit score in which credit's. due. it can be way worse it may be what. you men do not know it may be manner. worse. it may get manner worse. and this it really is coming from someone. who is particularly essential with things. just like the orbital cannon god mode you. recognize. system faults and like that yeah it really is. someone i i'm tremendously indispensable on that. like that that shouldn't be during this. video game how how do you've a video game wherein. you recognize a pc player can't even play the. game devoid of getting hacked that's. disgusting. you recognize disgrace on rockstar for that.
disgrace. you know but i additionally provide credit score for. credits dude. oh yeah you recognize you should be impartial. in that situation you ought to. or you are only a negative slime ball. that simply spews out. pollutants. you know you're no greater than that than. they are genuinely. you recognize. oh you are gonna call franco yo franklin. what is that pal. good day. no they're gonna upload uh some bank heist. to purple dead trust me inside a year. they'll have bank heists and that'll. that'll be huge for purple useless. that'll be huge. and folks like me that got like a. thousand dollars you recognize. would be over they'll be like how do you. play this online game you know yet hiya pay attention. red dead pink useless is a troll paradise. red lifeless is a troll. paradise ok you guys do not believe it's. now. it's. you pricey homie. hey. pink lifeless is a troll paradise. cannot do anything in a solo foyer you.
cannot even basically go into passive mode. consider that. think about that. all right i'll see if i will get a few. cookie. howdy. you bought teenagers available with like you. be aware of . explosive arrows and . why do we've rambo obtainable with. explosive arrows. you know dragon's breath shotguns and. come on. jamie there is not any snow this 12 months did. someone on twitter say something. that's too undesirable. correctly permit me uh allow me investigate that. twitter anything whatever new on here. the garage. oh dope yo feels like rockstar slipped. and by accident validated. the baller st available for free of charge as part. of gta on line excursion event. loose through december pleasant yo. nice oh we are getting a loose vehicle yeah. we are getting snow. we're getting snow. oh dope. joe. drake. drake. nice. getting the free baller. sickly. that me likey. yeah i simply noticed that tweet. elon musk what are you doing.
What are you doing elon. good day cheddar what's up guy comprehend. that bro just obtained off work you felt. hella refreshed once I obvious this. notification can't believe the human on. this planet can get me so hyped yo. cheddar you get me hyped bro you gassed. me up i love it appreciate it guy you. men show cheddar some love within the chat. today. do it right now damn it. i like it. what is up look at this kid's call. hilarious eats men. i odor the blood of an englishman. is that how it is going. there's one that's oh come on. this one here. oh received one cappy 10.. yo king melo what is up man. rockstar gave it free because they're. wreathskin. it is still though loose. freeze free. free loose unfastened free free. oh we acquired yet another to go. he is gotta be over right here during this constructing. oh pleasant that was it candy . let's go. forty ricky racks. nice.
The hot uh the new liveries oh yeah oh. no no the chameleon paint job yeah i. heard approximately that we're purported to be. getting this sort of chameleon paint job. sick bro. yo hiya dustin sheba's up friend sheba is. up dude that is what i'm talking approximately. shiva's up i love it. i can not i can not wait. steph which headset do i use i don't. even use a headset what are you talking. about these are my ears bro. those are my ears are not making exciting of me. are not making enjoyable of me. that is tousled. yo what you would like. yeah allow me see genuine rapid right here hold on. allow me see what my crib does that. allow me see what my crypto's at hold on. oh yeah. oh yeah we are up 137 dollars after hours. infant let's cross. nah that ain't going let's cross guy. you acquire it. you purchased it. correct. you ever heard of this exhibit known as. closet ceo. permit me lower back out one among his broke ass.
Workers for. finally what did i wha what button did i. hit i'm like mashing buttons over here. gotta go up north. yo you are sitting in a gathering what dude. don't get in limitation don't mess up your. genuine money bro. yo. mvp do not reduce to rubble your cash puppy. kg what is up the grasp handle terminal. it's about in the arcade. yeah i believe so. yeah. i feel so yo shiva military for genuine dude. oh you can't listen yet. oh my god. be cautious. what is the attachment. oh we're obviously shooting that crane. out appear we're obviously taking pictures that. crane. oh yeah. oh and it's up top over here too. delicioso. i can do it. nice. do not fall off rattling it. what the. oh. from the chat please move get a f within the . chat. god dang it. extraordinary thanks . thanks for the f's please f's in the. chat thanks . where's our goal. ok that is our guy. i've got to be taking pictures something over.
right here right. the cargo container. oh it is over god dang it. move stroll back over there pal. how am i presupposed to see what he. walk lower back over there you portions. ah. i presumed it turned into this thing no it is over. here. it is that correct there. what a terrible spot too. am i able to relocate. that is no bigger. these are all terrible destinations jesus. christ. oh he's he's jogging returned. oh god. i'm simply gonna ought to guess. yo where's the arrow. he isn't relocating oh he's over right here. come on bro. oh right here we cross all right we are on. let's go infant let's cross toddler. nice. nice. does pay telephone count as agreement no it. does not. it does not. backflip returned flip back turn no. up there. yo my nightclub's at uh 60 something. thousand. decapitated pleasant squash that pool bro. he received squished. drink liquor like a scissor. barco what's up guy thanks man. comprehend that.
hey companion. hello. lsia. what do you deliver any complete 500. contracts a pat on the back. if manhunt was rematched yeah might be. i'll might be check out this new saints. row online game coming out too. oh i will maybe have to switch sessions. for the snow to are available. oh lower back flip back flip let's get it all. two times. lame. did i watch the i did i no i watched. wherein they obtained into a chew. a little. scuffle. oh yeah. some nice whips. drew that is cat bro give up capping on us. your massive historic capper. ratatt with the cap. simply blow those fools up. can we lock on this guy please thank you. stumble on the motorcycle. oh. faction. yo what up alvin. yeah. this reaver is fantastically dope. whats up go back to in which you came from. can we um. get this open please. jesus the animation is so sluggish. every person. old-fashioned gamers for life essay. necessarily snuck up genuine quick.
I am hoping this bike is valued at a damn it's. pleasant i i am so happy we're getting a. bike we do not have a new. motorcycle later on. i used to be very disappointed earlier. after I when ii couldn't find any motorcycles in. the uh. dlc this changed into nice though. i am pleased so very happy. alright. sure. style of take it for a little experiment force. oh. nice. if amani likes the reaver you bet you. have got to love it too that is that sounds. about correct that sounds fair. do i believe the day and night cycle. should be lengthy that's in fact a great um. it's a well question. um. i don't think it ought to be an excessive amount of. longer if anything 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes night time due to the fact at this time it's. 24 day 24 night. so if anything it should be like 30 30. but i am ok with where it's at. i am ok with in which zap. honest i really am it is okay. ty what am i getting overlooked hilarious.
For chris i mean. uh a brand new apple watch um we have to get. that so i don't have that yet we're. getting it so she is aware that. uh i got a whole lot of on her. list she does all this stuff on her. amazon record i got it considering. uh. let's see i don't know a whole bunch of. stuff did like. little you recognize knickknacks and instruments. and things like that. so. you know. announcing she gave me a list. got it for now so. the older you get christmas it gets a. little bit much less festive you recognize just. like o.k. let's get this over with. you know. i hate i hate being round people besides. so all the all of the hustle and bustle of. purchasing and some thing i've observed dude. going out to the stores. you are limited to your selection there is. like nothing there i'd instead simply store. online you know. you recognize i just genuinely just shop on line.
genuinely. it's simply i do not know. 30 very well 29 pleasant. hiya now not bad 2 million made it's not undesirable. it isn't bad. now we hit the road the following day we are we're. touring so we will be on the line. the subsequent like week next 5 days. festivus for the remainder of us you already. comprehend. i'm a couple of titan socks will be simply. first-class. convinced they'd indeed. we bought. is it a pay phone hit up. yo what you need revolver yeah i i think. you on that. yeah you gotta be careful typically when. you are purchasing clothes they come from. countries where their sizes are only. smaller. it's only a smaller length you recognize. what in the hell. yeah. most of them will let you know that they are. like yeah you know order a length up or. anything like that. you recognize us. us us people we are a few big bones. some . we're a few large historical suckers. here to me. good success obtainable.
Yeah. undesirable bones certainly. what's it gonna snow when I say so. would i permit it. oh. son of a biscuit. tyler yeah that is actual man they'd the. the stock market became out in gta on line. for like per week. for roughly a week that is all they had. gotcha there little buddy. oh. out of messiahs. voodoo what's up man what is going on. pass assess this out hold on. investigate this out watch watch watch. lord lord. oh lord. oh near. oh i'm too quick okay. there it's. oh come on that is it right there. this son of a biscuit. i got seven rounds. left maybe it is even further returned no way. oh there it's got him. yeah. first shot boys first shot you see that. first try obtained him. first try child. got him. oh my god. contract contract yeah that's me. luis i like the dlc guy i do love it. sounds good i'll start constructing. whatever. howdy. asset coverage. the asset.
It's 2 hundred security contracts. jamie yes certain. am i dissatisfied nah not likely it is. high-quality. allow them to understand. oh this one's extraordinarily hard man this. one's real tough in fact. ah. that guy useless but. he is died. protect yourself somehow. uh. gotta try to keep my missiles. monitoring tracking nice monitoring tracking. those guys are so rude. here i come. yeah infant. take out the fireplace dudes. oh . oh my god. f within the chat please f in the chat. please. i did it to myself. 1 in the chat. what happens at Two hundred contracts it maxes. out your day-by-day secure contained in the uh. contained in the organization. that god dang it now a few god damn. i'm at the clock what you desire a few. wheels. alright i am going to get back to paintings. oh. i can't blew myself up. destroyed my own wine barrels. oh. where's my little buddy at lower back here. that's bad. this would suck. and you need to change the mark ii.
Missiles to this. sufficient. enough with those shenanigans. where's the lock. stand up pleasant. uh. blowing up my own wine barrels. she's going down boys. come on now woman stay with me now. do not die out on me yet. stick with me now growler. stick with it now woman come on. stay with the puppy. oh. i destroyed like several of my barrels. stay with it woman. there we go ah. shite mate. what. why. why do you exit out of them. why did my dude go out out of the aspect. astounding. incredible. yeah amazing. oh yeah. yo what you wish. all right allow me make a few calls. get it. yo i'm addicted to those payphone ants. man. is fireplace . man this could be a wholesome ass day. of work. yo what up david have an understanding of that man. thanks sad. the choose will visit the golfing course. going to the golf course. using the savage helicopters manner larger. equal sort of missiles although.
I'm gonna run him another time. brilliant. fantastico. hey there sir. so the way you doing here gents. drop it let's pass. a minute an less than a minute 30. in under a minute 30.. look into that boys. lower than a minute 30 85 ricky racks sticky. stacks let's go jesus crazy. and less than a minute 30.. that is obtained to be a few kind of list. i'll take it. i will take it infant. come on now. eighty five racks and a minute 29.. jesus. shut front door. close the front door. hey accomplice. nah that ain't gonna work what alright. goodbye. do i know neglect it we've already acquired. snow man snow's already out. stove's already right here man. yeah the safety contracts i i love. them yeah i feel they're all well. yeah mind-blowing. very well i am gonna cross i am gonna do a. client task real fast. what is up john. what is up john boy. there's nothing to truly fix with the.
Load screens it's it's the lobby and. your information superhighway connection. it is because you are on a. your lobby's trash you recognize what i mean. and you've perhaps a bit of an. trouble together with your cyber web load displays. are um. there is not much rockstar can do for. that truly i imply. no longer that i'm conscious of in any case. if you are if you are not going to ask. in simple terms foyer your your load screen should. be first-class they shouldn't be that lengthy at. all. squirrel what do you know approximately that you. ain't gonna comprehend not anything about that. i feel we are able to. help our technologies to apply. everybody. oh my god why are you doing this to me. valuable seconds from final. snowball fights. next flow am i able to play pink that on-line. not really guy. sorry there's a lot of other um. there is a good number of other gta youtubers. that play red dead. you don't want to see me play dude i'm a.
Noob i know nothing about that online game. i know not anything jon snow. god dang. as a streamer if i stay movement red dead. i'm getting trolled constantly there is. no way to prevent it on there the pink dead. is the worst online game for that. it is a troll competition . it's a it's an severe. it is just it is simply grief important over. there. yo what you need. what do you need. who do you adore. sounds well. humane labs gotta pass store the monkey. oh my god. yo shout out to the monkey. just monkeying round. oh the snow's a large deal bro it's huge. huge. i am unable to look forward to the uh. the insane snow and fog when i'm flying. round. roblox two more days i do know right have. you been well for santi. have you been well for santilarius. santilarius is coming down your chimney. and i am bringing a group of freaking. presents. bunch of grenades and ammunition. when you come undone.
all right. discontinue that. undesirable. medical professionals the way you doing. i can't shoot that guy. pass. take pass. you choose the wrong down. oh. you don't mess with me. i don't want peace i need problems. always. damn monkey is screaming. what turned into. one of the men over here have like. crazy ammo firing power. about to blow you up. get the shot. how does he get that shot off. the slowest animation i variety of obtained. oh my god get during this. blow those all up correct. uh. stage. shoot a pair tires out you recognize what. i am saying we should be on. deficient little monkey man little outbreak. monkey. i was gonna shoot at some more times. hell yeah cooter. sounds like it is combined with a pair. of. shoot those tires out. bust these tires out boys. you get an award for 12 monkeys what if. motive force is dead. tires are stunned as . nice. oh. oh yeah. easy. simple. okay men we've over 440 likes at the.
circulation nice. thank you men recognize that. have an understanding of the affection. oh yeah. sort of you. yo there should be a project to make el. rubio's panther arpegg get out of here i. love that concept. you think if we could puppy the panther. we obtained a trophy and an award for that. puppy the panthers that could be unwell. poor little monkey you are simply so scared. you don't know what's going on. it is okay the big undesirable guys are long past. ride the panther sure. dude that could be ill i like that concept. see the reason is, i ought to be operating for. rockstar i must be doing this i should. a minimum of be contributing. to a few sort of you recognize dlc i ought to. i must be contributing absolutely. my contributions would be. worth their weight in goold. yo why is did you men see the dent the. the deformation within the van. did you guys see that. yo kevin have an understanding of the subscription my.
man. nice. pet the panther feels like a warm espresso. component. yeah perhaps. maybe. yo men we're about half-hour faraway from. the snow get ready. we are about to charity 30 minutes away. from the snow my man. approximately 30 minutes away. yo do i've one that's worth like 70. racks. i do not like how i have to zigzag. in the course of the workplace. seems like we are getting a free uh. baller. hey big boys thank you man realize. that. oh we do. seventy thousand we're going returned to the. uh to the ville unicorn oh yeah i'm simply. gonna hang out here for a minute i am. gonna pop this one. yeah the office layout is a little. cluttered. that giant ass wall in the center. yeah. you will get no argument for me on that. it might be cool to have like. we should have like puppy snakes like a. stroll around like a albino bubble. constrictor. like britney spears that'd be dope.
Yo what if britney spears become like a vip. bro she's out of that conservatorship oh. she's getting some of that gta cash oh. my god dude. what if. yo rockstar is missing out on a few. critical. content. oh my god give it some thought the first time. she's published song in always. is on gta a twin of what dre did oh. my god i am a genius. i am a genius. that would be insane would you imagine. that. oh my god. i did it again. play together with your heart. oh my god yeah we do desire snoop dogg. yeah what if eminem was the vip too. jesus correct. god dude. yo what if a vip turned into brittany and. christina aguilera and they were like. fighting one another and we had to select. which one we had to kill oh my god. i love it. i surely like it. oh my god. yo. come on dude. that would be insane. yeah well i've been doing payphone hits. uh all night time i'm gonna i am gonna make.
Certain i get this contract although i am. gonna be sure i get this one knocked. out 70 thou. 70 000. shoot me child a different time yeah i'd be. dope dude. i am about to get. yeah i am approximately to get uh d monetized. just for speaking about it. movie star deathmatch oh i overlooked that. lower back oh my god the clay animation the. claymation come on dude. sorry my nose is all stuffed up. what. that would be so unwell. jesus and sprites. a fred durst and uh. yeah we needed to go and uh we needed to pass. beat up jaw rule for fifty cent. dr dre is the first genuine person is that. is that aaccurate. no you obtain. to procure ray liotta. right. ray liotta's in there laszlo yeah yeah. there's there is a few other folks lazlo. may not be as like famous you know. you obtain danny mcbride. you know what i mean. moody guy yeah those are they're not as. large but. there's. inspect my wall safe 19 racks.
Let's move. the black madonna correct yeah yeah. how do you purchase my merch just uh. click on the hyperlink down lower than guy the link. is in the description down below. snow's coming quickly men. provide it approximately 30.. about 30 more minutes. tequila. pleasant little 70 000. there it's thank you there's the link. right there thanks squirrel yash. thanks recognize that. yeah yeah yeah yeah. yo should we move should we cross stone. hatchet in this piece. let's just unhatch it. oh you acquire in real existence snow nice. there is the security. outstanding. that turned into so gratifying. fish wow. me. pleasant. oh. yeah dang it dude. boo. f in the chat please. f in the mummy and chat. is the bike in the parking zone. oh dope. oh what the . oh my god. get this right here. where are we going. i don't need to atomize it yet. i might have to though allow me just try out. and get it angled.
perspective it out it's aa little bit no maybe. now not ok. ok. let's perspective it a bit it is thiis good. little angle. there it's. there we go baby there we cross baby. yo let's pass child. let's go. yeah. you cannot have your pudding if you don't. eat your meat. just aanother brick within the wall. yeah well guy. patriot core spec i do not i don't know. i simply don't think rockstar might. launch one of the better vehicles this. early. you recognize they might although. hiya you did good. now they may. they could. norton that might be cool yeah. over a couple of updates. have it get constructed up and lets begin. to like slowly access it. that'd be tight. just aanother brick on the earth. round to come back to you. we don't want no. selfcontrol. you ever heard of the exhibit known as closet. ceo or some  billionaire. again to the uh. oh notion manage yeah that's right my.
undesirable. it did not sound correct after I became. considering. concept manage yeah my undesirable it's been a. dude i haven't heard that tune i don't. be aware of might be like five years. i like my edition better. pleasant. how's the rest of it cross. somebody's singing for me in the chat. play the total album now. purple floyd uh i don't know. i wasn't surely uh. i wasn't genuinely like you understand um. cataloging my track. red floyd is round even like after the. certainty it's only there is only aa couple. songs i'm really aware about. which is a rattling disgrace i ought to listen to. more purple floyd. i just know like the popular songs you. be aware of nothing like uh. screw this. oh i think it's correct there. ah rattling it i missed out. oh wait now we are good. leave those little ones on my own. whoops. mom do you think he'll drop the bomb. get it. i admire how my uh i like how the people. that watch me are like.
now not 8 years historical you recognize what i imply. i admire that. i admire that you guys. i mean honestly. you know 95 of the gta participant in line with. they don't even know who crimson floyd is. permit me damage him you recognize what i imply. honestly. i am so comfortable i'm so completely satisfied my my my. viewer base is. you recognize. obtained some . obtained a few awareness less than their belt. right. jaden i hate you at this time i i hate you. at the moment. simply know that i hit you right. you are 17 what do you know who purple. floyd is. yeah certain 9 go ahead 10 this. afternoon. wesley pipes listen with a name like. which you understand exactly who it is. don't you dare cap on me you . get out of right here. get out you're you are mendacity oh my god. in no way heard the tune if you have. heard the track you just don't know. you've might be heard the music. oh god . you're an engineer your girl nonetheless. thinks you are dumb.
That's approximately correct. oh. i was approximately to say alright thank you. do not let pipes idiot you with a name. like wesley pipes he knows precisely who. it is he is capping. oh skylar for real. you are gonna delight in it it's aa lot of enjoyable. oh you have obvious roger waters live in. vegas 2017. what. wes we are we are mean yeah you wait what. do you imply you persons. huh. huh what. it's aa great film by the way. tropic thunder. ben stiller jack black robert downey jr. oh my god. winner. merely time blackface became like. no no i don't know. it is a satisfactory line. let me cross reload my ammo. we are nearly there for this schnizzo. updates approximately 10 minutes yo what you. desire. all right i'll see if i can get. a few cookie. it's a new hummer i don't think it is i. imply they could i simply it wouldn't make. sense you know why would rockstar. launch the most requested.
vehicles i imply. why could they release a car or truck that is. surely cool this early in the dlc. you know that to me it appears like that. will be among the last meal but they. might surprise us. it's christmas in any case. it is christmas. you know so. i'm a dude playing an extra disguise. beast yet i'm the goats nah guy you're. the goat dude understand that. oh . i want the buzzard in this. i want the bazaar please. i would like the weird side. no there isn't any update to dallas only a uh. only a weekly occasion. oh. let's go cowboy. he's jogging with a limb. they just acquired shot too. dope. there he is. very well choppers are particularly a long way at the back of. we should be good. attractive sunset. gorgeous it's aa gorgeous sunset. hey i see them. o.k. simple does it easy woman oh it's. ok. trim the hedges. there we cross well female. nice. forty nine thousand five hundo.
perfect. squirrel i feel you recognize an excessive amount of about. that why. do you know that much. o.k. let's uh let's let's get into. a different foyer and notice if we bought this. replace it is 4 26. a.m. let's go to the foyer warm boys. lego. yo creating a snowman would be dope. creating a snowman be impressive i admire. it a lot. you believe the sparrow is best than the. buzzard. why do you think. sparrow's quicker the buzzard's uh extra. effective the buzzer will take extra of a. beating last longer. equal missiles holds 4 persons. they both they have their uh i'd say. virtually they're even what the sparrow. lacks the buzzer has what the buzzard. lacks asparagus. i'm able to get much more use out of the buzzer. oh. snow toddler. let's cross. inspect all that wow. you've been awarded the clownfish mask. crimson festive tea firework launcher 20. fireworks full snacks.
full armor 25 sticky bombs 25 grenades. 5 proxy mines. wow. merry christmas. merry christmas all people. can we get a few snow oh yeah decide on up the. snow. make a little snowball yeah merry. christmas. the gallivanter baller st is now. available for purchase let's go. who said there wasn't going to be no. snow. merry christmas. snowball right within the face. snowball right within the face. get out get your ass that is correct. let's move merry christmas all people. how are you. yeah let's take a look at this the. little tree down right here. determine the agency for decoration yeah. yeah yeah. prefer to visit the uh city rectangular. where's the christmas tree at. where is it over here. every time i am searching for anything i. can't uncover. him where's the big old christmas tree. it is over here someplace dammit. just aanother brick. there we go. where's the ah there it's.
Here's the big ancient chrimas tree. merry christmas. just aanother brick in the oh that is. gorgey. snowballs are better than the emp. launcher note. yeah it's so candy  that's lovely jesus. christ. i gotta cover my display screen genuine fast. secrets. secrets. secrets and techniques do inform. carry on persons. yeah yeah yeah. gotta look at this new whip. it's watching decorations we received. inside the company. it is the uh baller i presumed we're. getting the ball at no cost though. i am going to purchase anyways. the new zeno. what do you assert rudolph como esta voce. what'd he say. that is dope. not anything in the company that's a bummer no. christmas tree. oh. alright. everything okay. the ballers for yeah yeah that one. should have been i was speaking about. that previous they obtained reported earlier. zabala is free huh. let's have a look real quick. let's look at the whips.
Yo there it's toddler. the overflowed xeno. 2.8 mil ski wow. 2.8 let's have a look at if that patriots out. perhaps. what is on the rostrum let's move check out. the podium real quick. see what different vehicle you men would be. getting for free of charge. appears like a new turismo type of it did. correct. oh there is a few new masks. are you gonna purchase decorations in the no. ah do you really get out of here. you gotta purchase the decorations for the uh. for the organisation close up. oh sick dude. yo ill. oh my god what is that this the uh it truly is. the um you can win it with just a spin. not the black fin this is the mamba. right yeah it is simply the that's the. mamba correct the category a mamba. yeah yeah. oh dope. oh yeah. oh we received the christmas stuff inside the. on line casino. i have the christmas tree get at the. the snowflakes horse racing lounge at. the diamond casino and lodge no that is.
The that's the mamba. it is a badass car or truck too. that's a badass automobile too obviously. coquette classic what no that's a. classic mama right call me crazy perhaps. you recognize what i mean. oh yeah yeah yeah. pleasant exceptional. awesome you obtain the christmas. decorations you got new masks too. nice. show the wintry weather clothes. i will. oh . what's double do not know yet man if i'm. livestream i can't certainly like do my. what i commonly do to like you understand cross. through every little thing and simply form of. permit me visit a shop genuine speedy. what's up. sarah. the socks. we got the uh where's the christmas. that is. oh. are you doing this santa. oh you do yeah yeah you are looking. disgusting sansa. wish you discover it i guess. yeah it is up. santillarius. oh open wheel races are those double no. cannot be. surely. i will do it later i'll do it. nightclub terabyte on sale ideal.
excellent. oh yeah. that is what i'm speaking about there. ought to be tons of of mark downs. santilarius. coming at you. very well men i am gonna pass forward and. get off right here i am gonna kill the. broadcast so i'm able to get work at the video. i am going to have the update video out as quickly. as i will okay. once i can ii'm going to begin. engaged on that now you men i need. everybody again make sure you . watch the update video thursday update. i am going to have all the info on there we have. received that treated. um ensure you men assess that out. thank you all a lot for popping out to. the. broadcast this night marvelous broadcast over. Six hundred likes. insane dude insane crazy broadcast we. acquired the snow in the sport it is epic all. right thank you all so very much for. popping out i actually surely do comprehend. it jump on the game get your free.

Discord: Ban somebody without them even joining your server</h1>
What is up guys my name's technobear here. for troubleshoot and in these days i have. perhaps one in all my strangest maximum Anish. movies that i have performed but and this video. is gonna show you how to ban. somebody from a discord server earlier than. they even become a member of say that they are. harassing you stalking you etcetera. etcetera and you only want to stop them. becoming a member of her discord and forestall future. problems how exactly do you ban them. without them joining the server in the. first vicinity good over here i am inside of. my discord if I head into the top left. visit server settings bans you can see. there's a bunch of bands right here but. there is not any manner of including in new bands. from this menu over here and naturally. as you'll find at the end all bands are. default IP bans to boot not just account. bands yet of course if you allow cellphone.
minecraft discord bot will make you discordant a. lot safer so with that aside how. exactly will we ban somebody before they. join good it's aactually exceedingly easy. step #1 you need to ensure. that you've developer mode enabled so. next you employ name on the lowest left. will pass to user settings and then we are going to. head throughout to the appearance tab then. scrolling to the monomer ensure that. you've developer mode on this code. will then restart if he had it off and. when you'll need to do is head across. to a channel a server or a p.m. wherein. this individual is seen and of course I. assume you can also search for them yet. anyway when you recover from there you wish. to both find a chat message like this. or you could rightclick on their username. and go a copy id or you will have to add. them to the list on the part over here.

in which you can right click replica id and of. path if they are on a list at the. righthand side of a discord server as. such you also can reproduction the Identity from there. once you have it. all you should do is click on down in any. chat where you've server administrator. privileges you may without a doubt have a. confidential channel to do that and in which. merely you can see it all you need to do. to prohibit someone that isn't correctly on. the server simply but is to kind in the. smaller land signal at followed by using pasting. in their identification and then a greater than sign. and as you will find it will immediately. change into their username in case you hit. input you will ship it into the chat and. although they're not within the server. their call will pop up like this with an. advert next to all of it you need to do is. correct click on there at handle in your. message as such aand then click ban then.

**ANGRY** youngster RAGED On Discord once I BANNED HIM!</h1>
So today i logged into my minecraft. server and ii noticed that anything turned into. surely surely. off i came across those builds and. something to me simply looked a bit of. sketchy. and then i saw this the world's most . craziest hacker i have ever come upon. was on my minecraft server you guys want. to monitor till the very conclusion of this. video because you won't believe. what occurred yo. what's that it is like a big spiral. staircase or whatever. somebody changed into like yo i'm a fortnite. building up in right here dude i'm just gonna pass. construct a base what the yo that's so. bizarre somebody correctly took the time of. the day to smelt a group of cobblestone. to make stone. and then decided to make a staircase. like this what what the heck. the time of day that a few persons have. what the. what the is that bedrock yeah. wait what yo that is is someone cheating.
On here. bro that is a bedrock temple what. what the heck there's someone there. okay delay hold up. delay what yo somebody literally has a. bedrock temple and crying dissatisfied okay yo. it truly is this is not common what's up. i scent something i feel it's a cheat. uh palm green that is an incredibly fascinating. and they're in full enchanted netherrite. hey what's up nice bass yo. it truly is a few next level bass what the. heck. nothing a lot thank you. did you notice that uh whatever why are. you uh are. you lagging or something why are you. moving round so weird bro you are simply. like uh you're. triple leaping and losing down here. like what's going on. i am just too well for cyber web that. makes literally. zero sense at all yo i'm in a place a. hundred greenback wager that this man is a. hacker and good obviously. he's obviously he's a cheater he's acquired a.
Bedrock temple. which on this server you literally. cannot achieve bedrock we don't have any shop. financial system at all that is literally not a. factor. i am simply going to walk into this dude's. residence and optimistically oh my god hey whoa. whoa whoa. yo relax stop this is my server. i'mma check out your bait why is he i. discontinue why are you hitting me. whats up whoa whoa whoa dude kick back you are. actually gonna kill me correctly no longer. certainly ok this guy's obviously. dishonest. uh query uh for you uh are you. dishonest uh because you're relocating around. a little. little sus this guy's a bit suss bro. i would as well say hiya uh. all of your shoutouts are on display right. now i am being bullied by way of this hacker pass. ahead and uncover the shark emoji in. modern-day video. and uh you'll get a shout out in the. subsequent okay oh my gosh this guy's gonna. kill me bro.
Simply so you recognize i own this server. and i am like ninety nine certain you are. hacking how did you get the bedrock how. did you get bedrock ok come on. the end you actually can't mine. bedrock except you glitch it which the. glitch. takes continuously for one piece i i know for. a actuality except he glitched it he might. actually be. he might have actually been here for at. least a week glitching all of this. bedrock there is no manner he did it watch. i am going to figure out if this guy's mendacity or. no longer at present. how long have you been playing here. until it's been 4 months there isn't any. way he bought all this bedrock i'm calling. it there is not any way at all dude this guy's. literally. at least two where's my hat. i scent cap on that one that isn't real. he just blocked me bro okay pay attention. server's only been. been open for three months i don't know.
What you're speaking about there dude. it is only been open for 3 months. you're literally a cheater. yo what if i mess with this guy i'm able to. totally mess with him. okay excellent you want me to depart i will i am going to. depart ok this guy's. yo i'm gonna mess with this guy so tough. pay attention in case you men have not seen those. videos earlier than you know that i'm. i'm substantially opposed to hackers ok in case you. hack you are ruining the sport for. everyone i'm actually simply gonna be so. savage simply smash all this guy's stuff. so as you men recognize it is actually my. server ok so i can just i may. literally open this guy if i desired to. like actually in the present day good day. he's following me oh my yeah that is. velocity hacks this guy's. pace hacks much i can literally see. those velocity hacks there isn't any way you are. going for walks that rapid. definite ok depart me alone and i leave you.
by myself deal i am totally no longer i will cross my. hands and he says yes okay matt. gonna construct like a little cobblestone. wall right here so he cannot see what i'm doing. and uh good look at this. complete you can also cross into spectator mode. and i can investigate the total base and. this man is no way does he even verify. the temple down right here he still has. each of the loot from the temple are you. critical but he did get rid of the tnt. ah marked o.k. so if we are gonna. smash a base like thiis of course. uh there is bedrock bedrock cannot be. destroyed but i know there's something. else that i'll do that might be able. to assist destroy. it he just suggested hello you're undesirable i see you. i do not believe that is attainable. let's simply uh let's start up let's. commence easy in this man lets . here's the object i could simply whirl at. it diminish minimize wand.
i could just do location one place. two reduce all this but i am attempting to have. some exciting with this dude you like creep. what the dude speed bridging much geez. you like creepers. this guy's possibly like no i known as it. no yo what that ok that is i do not. like that. if he can get me all of the manner up here. he's obviously hacked bro yeah this. guy's 1 000. dishonest there is no freaking manner you could. construct that rapid and that. what the heck how is that even okay yeah. yeah now i'm move we are going savage mode. i feel we should always simply start with a few. creepers oh my gosh dude. yo inform me this guy if anyone defends. this guy to assert he is not a hacker appear. at thiis okay it's actually so bland. bro how is he no longer how is he constructing. like that he is actually simply. jogging and looking at me like i can not. even go this fast in resourceful mode yeah.

okay. bud ok bye ok yeah sure yeah that's. reputable very well very well you know what. we're just gonna start simple ok we are. we are gonna start as simple as possible. there you go. there you move he says i can't kill you. what i am in imaginative nub. duh you didn't understand that get down here. oh he's got additionally no. i punched him and he does not move okay. of course yeah obviously a cheater. oh wow he took out all 3 creepers. okay nice we're going complete savage mode. bt spawn mob creeper 10. alright we are. at no no regret anymore no regret at. all and. oh god oh god and of course let's simply. do that in addition let's make it a bit. nicer for him oh my gosh dude. no this man lowkey although this guy's. actually useful at. getting away from these kind of creepers oh. my gosh dude ok i need to eliminate. uh drain 20. we are eliminating all.
This water there we move that's a lot. better creepers do your magic. he says so bad discontinue in any other case nah i'm good. what is something that's really traumatic. besides creepers i may answer that. real fast for you withers. they're very stressful and they're also. very strong if you don't if you are not. a hacker this guy might be able to take. him out certainly soon but good i'm. gonna put him to the test of 3 of. them there we go have fun little jimmy. if that is even your call oh god. oh god dude hackers as opposed to withers new. sequence airing next week on shark. yo this guy is so accomplished yo he's correctly. kinda lowkey getting the withers well. in the meantime i will now mess along with his. face somewhat and he is gonna don't have any. suggestion so i am gonna depart him a little. surprise here oh whoops i'm simply gonna. top off his overall home filled with.

Creepers so the subsequent time he walks in. here uh let's simply say it's aa little. kaboom. oh my gosh bro there is so many creepers. right here wait we gotta make sure these men. are therapeutic let's get a few blazes in. right here just to annoy the fellow blazer may be. tremendously worrying you guys all know that. oh god whats up appreciate this one uh mr. palm green mr cheater man this guy's the. most obvious hacker i've ever obvious in my. existence. yo i can not even see what's going on i. do not know how this guy's no longer. lifeless yet bro what the heck he is simply. flying round. alright well now that we've done this. i can move forward and just do what i. desired to do and that's gonna be uh good. growth increase do you want increase growth. i like growth growth let's uh we're simply. gonna change uh replace air with tnt. we are just gonna oh wow that is thirteen. uhoh it already ignited the blaze has.
Ignited miki discord bot commands . oh god oh god that is bad that is 13 000. tnt blocks. oh god oh my gosh. yo the bedrock's no longer doing whatever it is. no longer breaking in any respect. replace bedrock is sand. this is what you get when you hack in. minecraft your base receives destroyed okay. don't cheat yo where'd he move oh he's. velocity he's bridging all the way up he. could not handle him. i'm simply gonna nuke him what happens if. i nuke him hey pal how you doing. you might want to be careful um. yo this man is so ruthless he is simply. teleporting around. dude who is guy is that this someone come. collect their man's police. good every thing inside his base has. to be destroyed oh yeah. wow literally all destroyed yeah this. is loopy what did you do you're a. hacker so. this occurs he says no you are undesirable okay. what are you gonna do about. it ok i'm the hacker police which.

waifu discord bot that i need to do my obligations to. ensure that no person hacks on this video game. if you hack and damage the economy for. each. all people else i ought to be entitled to. damage your base i don't certainly be aware of what. else i should do with this base i've. actually destroyed it nearly. every little thing the tnt is ready to forestall. igniting dude this has been a uh. relatively victorious hacker video i would. say this man was the most evident. cheater i have. ever visible earlier than yo that is so savage. and uh yet another command i should do yo. wherein did the hacker even go. i'm literally so lost oh he is over here. why do not you determine discord then punk. yo this man has me on discord how yo. i don't love this delay men delay. subsequent up hmm what ought to i do. bro i had no idea this man had me ok. i'm gonna play this off who're you. how did this man literally no it truly is.
now not cool at all that's so comic strip how. did he recognize. bro why didn't i play on an altar i. did not conceal oh my god it truly is so undesirable. oh you're the hacker right the blatant. a blatantly cheating hacker in online game ah. gotcha okay yeah you griefed my base. that i spent a group of time on. you cheated and and broke the total. economic climate. yeah yeah who cares hey what do i do. with this man exactly i. literally had no inspiration i had him on. discord and now that he is received me on. discord. look turn off your cheats and. we'll carry on and i will not. ban you but when you retain them on you will. be banned now i'ma find your account. facts. huh what yo yo. sit back ok come on we don't have to do. thiis okay i advised you to forestall. ok i am not falling for it hear we have. dealt with so many cheaters and hackers. ago. this guy's maybe just aanother phony.

the ultimate Guide to making the finest Discord Server! - Discord Setup tutorial 2019!</h1>
so that you clicked in this video because you. need to know a way to make a cool can. discourse server that folk are gonna. appreciate and have fun in right and. it's gonna look really cool and clean so. i am gonna test to not bore you men with. an excellent lengthy intro it should be fairly. cool so i hope you guys savor let's get. going yo men before the video starts if. you are a fortnight player I want to show. a few aid to the channel make sure to. head over to the article shop click on assist. our writer in the bottom right nook. type in gesture and click on be given and also you. might be offering a video the image of. those guys you're about to see on the. display now. thanks guys wish you enjoy the video. peace very well so very first thing you're. gonna want to do is you're gonna wanna. click this plus down here that is gonna. open up the server thing you're gonna.
Create a new server right so we are gonna. call the server experiment server to one i do not. be aware of I did two experiment server one right so. if you wish go and add an icon for it. you can click on correct there upload your icon. for this sake so let's just pass forward and. add one of my emblems correct there cool. correct there hit create amazing so now we. have our our case it's asking to ask. just get rid of that aalright we've that. voice Channel so now you are in right here. right growth. so what do you want to do well first. things first I desire to cross forward and upload. a few channels so I'm gonna topic this. server more towards gaming yet I suggest. you may burst off the same concept I'm. going off of with any subject matter server that. you are trying to achieve this you must add a. few text channels first first ones i am. going to add are a few mild admin. channels so you could upload a mod chat you.
Can add a headman chat truly those. are just gonna be four right here this one's. gonna be in your mods it happens this. is gonna be only for your admins we are. getting all that stuff later I'm gonna. add updates tab so you may put all of your. updates in there we're gonna add a live. streams tab so you can hyperlink all of your. live streams we are additionally gonna upload a. video host tab so you could hyperlink all of your. videos right if I'm going too quick i am. sorry yet I said it really is the fundamentals I. did disguise in my previous video I simply. want to go over to games let's come again. an allin-one academic video sincerely. so we are gonna have a welcome channel as. good it's gonna welcome to contributors we. want to have a guidelines. channel definitely have rules now we are able to. upload some voice channels basically you. could have I do name one it like it just. to relax chat essentially where persons can.
kind of. move simply hang out you recognize there is not. certainly a major subject of the voice chat. will drag this down right here although to voice. channels type it isn't a different voice. channel this one will be our music. channel so let's add the music channel. here click on this plus button back and. we are gonna add an additional we're gonna add. a mod a mod chat then we can also add a. admin chat so basically that is it truly is. gonna enable you those chats are. gonna let you have like perhaps if. you would like prize this is really useful. massive servers if you should have like. private meetings together with your mods or. admins or whatever you need to use those. voice channels and set it up to where. only your mods and admins can join those. channels which i'll show you guys how to. do after we get to that time so we bought a. good volume of channels set up so.
Let's pass ahead Before we bounce into the. roles let's pass forward and create a few. different types to your chainless kinda it is. because it's all cluttered here so. let's type of arrange it real quick so. I'm gonna click up right here we're gonna. click on create category very well you're. gonna create a category this one i love. to call it basically whatever your alias. is so i am gonna put gesture for mine and. that is gonna put this classification down here. and truly I'm gonna drag every little thing. that deals immediately with me into there. so all of my live streams will be there. all of my video clips will be there as well. as any updates that i want to present to my. community it will be found there besides. and that is pretty much all we wish to. positioned in there now I additionally have the desire to make a. information channel so truly what is gonna. cross on the info channel is not much I'm.
Gonna positioned rythym bot discord are gonna. placed the welcome chat there we'll additionally . add one other channel to have forgot you. can do a you know both call it media. dump or you may name it like if you wish. one for memes you are able to do the meme meme. chat I suggest you recognize whatever you want. you may put a meme chat in there i've. one on my server it is highly cool and. last yet now not least to type of spice. matters up just a little more what I. always love to do a minimum of I want to add. a method. in on each of the chat names it form of. simply makes it look a touch more. organized I don't know it adds a touch. bit of pop to it in color so the simplest. way to do this although if you have a. mobile device is to move over on your. mobile gadget and access all of that. because you can just pull up your emoji. keyboard on your telephone so as to.
Keep when you are in your pc it's aa little. bit tougher you purchased to go reproduction the emoji. from somewhere I pasted it so we are. gonna head over to the mobile gadget. we're gonna upload some emojis in genuine. speedy and then we are going to be correct returned all. right so the image of that we're lower back and. we received some emojis on all the. channels that we made and it simply type. of makes it appear a little purifier. and arranged you know so you don't have. to do this that is just something i like. to do on my i've it accomplished on my server. i haven't got every one of them finished but. it simply kind of makes it seem a touch. extra organized and whatnot so be at liberty . to try this if you wish if now not all well. alright let's bounce into the parts a. little more complicated we are gonna bounce. into roles right so roles are the sort. of backbone within the server. um I have up-to-date mine plenty from the last.
Video I made if you men watch that. video I have a ton extra roles in right here. and i have up to date a lot of them. in another way so in place of going through. all mine that could take too long we are. simply gonna go and bounce correct in to this. i am gonna explain them all again so. we're gonna initiate with the owner oh. that is gonna be your position you may simply. you on each role that on each. single function which you make you want to. make sure you determine reveal function. individually from on line individuals and allow. anybody to @mention this role good you. do not have to ascertain this one but you hat. you actually investigate this one if you. don't determine that one then it's not going. to reveal it isn't gonna show everyone is. all mine over here so make sure you . determine that one on each position you. make right there for this one we just.
want to offer the admin permission that is. gonna deliver every single permission down. the line and you're well to go we are able to. set a customized colour I desire to use a. pinkish color Pink's my well known colour. yet you can use whatsoever your favorite. colorations because that is gonna be your. role that basically you will have so let's. simply pick that greenish aqua. turquoise seafoam colour i suppose and. let's flow on so we've got. moderator we've admin you intend to make. a roll to your BOTS we are gonna cross. over BOTS during this video to boot men the. huts you intend to make individuals. i assume simply name remember so certainly. these are the main the only roles you. really need starting out once you begin. constructing your server a little extra and. some people in there you want it you. want to add a few cool roles like i've. numerous random roles like YouTube.
discord membership bot for every person that is a member. it is become a member on my youtube. channel all of my IRL acquaintances on my. close neighbors and whatnot they have this. function i've this before 1k position. sincerely every person that turned into in the. discord earlier than I hit a thousand subs receives that. hour got that function that's a task that's. in no way gonna receive out returned so just. form of a funky issue to acknowledge all. these folks that were here persons love. roles so I mean you certainly want to. make a gaggle and simply deliver them out the. people if you believe they deserve them or. whatnot you know yet it's your server. you can also make whatever you must upload. whatever you want yet i am gonna show you. men just the basic permissions you desire. for each of these uncomplicated roles here for. moderator you want to reveal separate. from all individuals you need to enable.
anyone to say this function you don't. want to give them the admin permission. you want the moderators if you want to. view the audit log I don't give them. permission to cope the server you want. to give them permission to cope roles. manage channels take a members band. members manage nicknames that will need . to change those you can provide them the. permission to manage emojis i've it on. my server simply so I have extra persons. which may do it many times you will not. desire moderators with a purpose to access. your emojis or that allows you to add them. and whatnot so that is one you desire. to save just for your admins during this. case i am gonna pass ahead and upload it for. moderators simply cuz information superhighway books i do not. use those I don't know anyone that does. use those so I'm just gonna go away that. off manage messages you want to supply.
Them the power to do it messages and. whatnot from other contributors mute contributors. definite individuals pass participants and yeah. that is clearly all you need to give. them and you must drag this lower than. admin you must basically you need to. set those up in the level of precedence so. you're gonna be at the tip admins gonna. be the second one in the second on the record. moderator so on etc so let's. hop over to our advert. so you need to display separately enable. them to add mention anyone in this position. and you need to supply them the admin. permission now i am going to say i didn't do. this on my final academic because admin. permission is as you notice it's a. unsafe permission impertinent to. provide essentially anybody with that. permission can do every thing you are able to do. so that it's aalright it's aalmost like. they possess the server the only factor they.
cannot do is delete the server i do not. provide it out to my admins not due to the fact I. don't believe them but just because say. someone by chance bought the admin function. i would not want them entering into and. exchanging the call of the server changing. the picture of the server or you know. stuff like that so I suggest that's surely. the sole thing that they can not do but. retain that during intellect guys you may scroll. by means of each of these and provides every. individual you might want to give your. moderators much less from permissions than I. gave the moderators on this one it is all. up to you yet make sure if you are giving. out just like the administrator position whoever. you deliver this position to you've 100%. trust in because they can do every. single issue you can do besides delete. the server so relocating on to the members. you need to demonstrate individually allow.
Them to mention the function you do not need. to provide them the other permissions just. save your changes set a color for them. and you're well to go I did not even set. colorings for the mod or the admin see them. in a orange reddish color I do not know I. cannot freakin supply the admin of reddish. color okay so directly to the bots yellow. we will do just yellow for them I will simply. play individually let them point out. the function and you do not need to give them. the other permission besides that one so. other than that those are your trouble-free. roles that you want so now that every one the. roles are established we are good to start. diving into the bots we are gonna get. some bots within the server right well first. you need to add deliver your self roles I. provide myself every role on the server so. you want to just rightclick right here. roles proprietor admin moderator member BOTS.
So now that we're in the owner function. we are gonna cross regulate these types of. channels over right here for our mods and. admins so we want to edit the channel. right here. we're gonna visit permissions so we're. gonna come over right here and upload a. permission for admins. and add a permission for mods we are. gonna provide mods and admins the power. to do every thing here send messages. buhbah shop Adjustments we're additionally gonna do. a similar for her admin provide them ability. to do every little thing in this chat very well. however the kicker here is we're having come. to add all people so what it is gonna do. is upload that's everyone besides those. roles you must remove access from. every little thing you don't need them to see. any of the messages in there and whatnot. so save Adjustments on that so now you will. see that the mod chat has this little. lock icon on it meaning that the it's a.
Lot Channel so the sole those that are. gonna be capable to access our people you. provide them permission to which is. yourself your admins and your moderators. so that's extraordinarily cool and you must. come over right here and do a similar factor for. your admin chat add a job apart from this. time you're basically gonna add your admin. supply them the power to do every thing. to this channel and then once you do. that you are gonna come over right here to. everybody and take away every thing back. it's gonna provide merely you and your. admins. access to this chat so now you need to. do an analogous issue from the mod chat and. the admin the voice channels so I come. in right here in your mod voice chat. permissions get rid of this from everyone. and now you are going to upload a permission. for here owners in your hurry I'm sorry. your admins and your mods you're gonna.
give them access to every little thing during this. chat and you're gonna do a similar for. your admins you need to give your admins. entry to every little thing within the chat magnificent. so now that you've done that you also. have a lock on oh that one did not supply. us a lock I wonder why why do not we now not. get a lock on this one oh shoot okay so. now you're gonna come on your admin chat. over right here and do an analogous factor he simply. did in your mod chat you are gonna. get rid of entry for every person. save changes and you're going to add a. permission for your admins and give them. permissions to everything. keep changes so now you have a hiillock. in your mod chet a lock on your admin. chat the admin chat merely your owner. that's you and your admins can join it. your mod chat we set it up so you your. admins and your mods can become a member of it in no. one else now you're probably questioning.

Well how the heck am I gonna supply. all people that joins the member function well. excellent news for you there's actually. something which will do this for you if. you come over to Google kind in me 6 you. will come to your in basic terms log off of mine. let's log in we want to authorize we. desire to what server are we doing oh ok. here we move. so so desire to sir when you sign in with. all your data we're gonna choose. a server this is gonna be our test. server one that is asserting this is all. the permissions you want to give this by using. permissions to everything click on. authorize you're not a robotic of course. magnificent so we are actually going to visit. your it really is the me6 dashboard correct so. what you are able to do is come over right here to. welcome there is a welcome plugin you. can you have the bot ship a message to a. consumer when it when they become a member of i'd.

Obviously click on that it is a bit just. a nice hot welcome message you must. choose a channel so this is why we made. the Welcome Channel correct so we are gonna. choose a channel that the message is. gonna send to you won't the Welcome. Channel it is gonna say hello that is the. consumer. welcome to the server and then we're. gonna upload make sure to study the and we're. gonna put hashtag rules and that is gonna. hyperlink us to this guidelines chat right there. hashtag rules and hope you relish your. continue to be magnificent so we are gonna save those. changes so now anytime someone joins. it's gonna say howdy and it's gonna say. the username and welcome to the server. subsequently experiment server 1 you ought to. study the guidelines and II hope you get pleasure from your. continue to be so the reason we did hashtag rules. is because it'll actually drop a link if. you notice on discord once you sort say.
discord bot download . and in ER it will drop a hyperlink like this. and you may click on it takes you immediately. to the rules tab so that's incredibly cool. so we also want to give a new role to. the users it truly is what i used to be telling you. guys about where you do not have to worry. about adding roles to people after they. become a member of you are gonna click on add a job to. provide you need to deliver all new members a. member position and when you do that you are. gonna get an mistakes saying it feels like. i am unable to deliver one of these roles indexed. placed your put me six in particular different. roles so you're gonna come over to your. discord you're going to pass into your. server settings you're gonna come to. your roles you're gonna come in your me. 6 BOTS what it really is asserting is that it. desires the me 6 bot desires to be above. whatever it is controlling so we are gonna. placed it above every thing I mean in case you.
Want to positioned it above everything but you. you could if you just desire to say that. you are extra robust than the bot but in. this example I placed it over every little thing so I. can update stuff for you too if you wish. Store Adjustments shrink now it's not. giving us the air anymore we are good to. cross so every time somebody joins the. server it's gonna immediately put them. in the member function if you wish you may. established the bot to send a private message. to new users when they join the server. and you can also have it send a message. on your server when a user leaves so if. you need to style of track how many. people are leaving your server you could. set that up if you want i'm not gonna. set that up in the intervening time yet that. is something you are able to do so we've. yet another high-quality cool plugin here. the levels plugin now what i've heard.
Is that if you're new to discord and. you haven't been here if you're new to. me 6 and you've got no longer been utilizing this. bot considering that they changed the feature. you are not gonna have entry to it's. gonna be less than the top rate tab for you. however for the reason that i used to be on disk when you consider that I was. utilizing me 6 earlier than they made the degrees. function a premium feature I am able to. have access to it. no longer ought to pay for it but for you men. you guys wouldn't have this feature so i am. probably not gonna go indepth on it yet I. did just want to sort of touch base on. that because many people were asking. on comments on my earlier video that um. they don't seem to be ready to do the levels. characteristic well it's because they actually. made it a premium characteristic and you are not. able to entry it except you were. already using it so we're unlikely to. worry about that we're gonna flow directly to.
The track bot that I use so the song by way of. use is a rhythm. incidentally i am going to drop a lot of these links in. the outline yet you want to come. over here to ask a rhythm and you're. gonna choose the server you want to. invite it to you we're doing exams so. all people and we're gonna click authorize. we are gonna say it we're not a robot. of course increase so that is gonna kind of. supply us a experiment of our new of our new. things we just mounted at me six so the. player joined we have member our rhythm. become automatically positioned within the member function. and there was a message sent to rhythm. saying hiya welcome to the server ensure. to study the guidelines so as to click. this and go read the guidelines so now what. we're gonna do is upload a um permission or. upload transformed the position of the rhythm bot. we are gonna make positioned it in the bottle as.

Well as me six positioned it within the bottle position. and we can get rid of the member function from. me from rhythm just to get it less than the. BOTS function so now to procure your BOTS all. in a nice neat little category over. there so it is not spluttered in or. cluttered in with all of the other people. so heading returned over to me unwell so one. of the really cool things you can do. together with your um me six bots is you could set. it up to notify once you move I have on. twitch as well as notify whenever you. submit a video on youtube so let's hooked up. the YouTube one we're gonna permit the. plugin we're going to upload a YouTube. channel so our YouTube channel is gonna. be let's simply use mine as we speak for. instance. so nonetheless has gesture we are. gonna decide upon that channel and you can now. choose a channel or that you want it to. hyperlink your video clips in so that's why we.

google forms discord bot gonna. click movies and we are gonna have it. at every one if you don't want it to. ping every person you can simply take that. out right there had everybody just posted. a video cross check it out with the intention to. change this up you may go check it out. be sure to certain to drop a like and go away. some a criticism oh shoot. feedback within the comments section and. we are gonna click on add so now every time. that I add our I add a video to. this channel and you can set this up for. other youtubers if you want but in this. case i am simply gonna do it for my channel. every time I upload a video it is gonna hyperlink. the video to the movies tab at the. server so now moving over to the twitch. one you can also allow the plugin to. hyperlink once you exit on Twitch if you. just link your twitch twitch that television. diminish gesture give it a moment it will pop.
Up your link. oh it is not popping online ok so for. this one you don't kind in the URL. you're simply gonna type on your twitch. name and we have gesture correct there. we're gonna hyperlink this one to the stay. movement section hello every person a streamer. is now continue to exist link and cross try it out. and just click on add and you're well to head. it's aautomatically gonna hyperlink your. twitch move now if you're a YouTube. streamer there is a now stay bot you can. use the now live bot goes to link. your YouTube stream it may also do. twitch a mixer but i exploit this one for my. YouTube stream so you can just add this. for your test server authorize and. sincerely what that is gonna do is link. your YouTube movement anytime you move. live if you return in right here difference the. roles edit as a bot there's aa little bit. of setup you must do so if you do.
Flow you YouTube i am going to suffer and. set this up for you guys real fast simply. to reveal you but when you do not movement to. youtube you do not need to stress approximately. this you may want to skip ahead approximately 60. seconds or so so coming over to the stay. streams tab you are going to. it says now in Ella assist so we are. gonna do and I'll help it is gonna inform. us hello there gesture die here after I had. a command so we are gonna upload a command. alright so here you can use this. command in L a YouTube gaming help. that'll give you a list of all your. YouTube gaming commands right here so. clearly it's easiest simply to repeat this. one you're gonna want to upload your. YouTube gaming channel now what you have. to do this this is not your channel URL. what you are gonna desire to do is come. over to gaming to gaming and.
You're gonna start to your channel on. right here. simply search ingest here let's see if we. can find us there we are right here now. you're gonna copy just this here. everything after channel and you're. gonna come over to discord and you're. gonna paste the URL or no longer the URL yet. the Identity and you're gonna go further. channels gesture they will be introduced in. standard now in order to difference where. it is gonna ship that message you must. do in el config it is gonna provide you with all. these instructions here you are gonna. want to use this one set default. announced channel ok so this is the. command you're gonna want to use you are. gonna want to type this in real quick in. el config set default introduced channel. after which you are gonna desire to link the. channel here so we're gonna do a. live streams hit enter and increase our.
Default assman channel is now set to. stay streams so that's that straightforward is. that it is now gonna favor your YouTube. move right in right here so that's gonna be. it men if you do have any you wish any. help or have any questions I've gotten. fantastically good at dis courtroom during the last. yr or so so i am always respond respond to. just about every single comment so drop. a remark less than allow me be aware of what. questions you have feel free to hitch my. discord with a view to check it out for. yourself get a go searching and you'll. use with the intention to use the guidelines that I. have mounted in your server you could consider. loose to do so simply come on join over in. the server at the link is within the . description and yeah i hope this helped. you guys like I suggested if you have any. questions make sure to drop a remark so. in case you guys did savour ensure you like.

Day You Met a DISCORD Mod</h1>

fee me. Why are so unhappy , your uncle walked into the room with BBC? 5/10 5/10? you must be kidding, a minimum of he's 7 How tall are you? Are you European? how to make your own bot on discord seem like that one boy I used to bully in high school, good times. Do you've crimson nipples? what's your diet? submit feet or btfo. Stop taking estrogen and grow a beard. Do you've a girlfriend? How historic are you? possibly you all don't realize the point of this post. He asked you to rate him so as opposed to writing a few nonsense perhaps you should just write more than a few. As a woman, I would price you 9 or perhaps 10. As a girl, you prefer. plenty of hostility in the chat, as a way to chat normally or play video games, then join my Discord server.
Someday after joining the discord server two of them on the lower back, lookout. two, . I'm identifying you up. Wait no longer but, there ought to be the 1 guy ok, choose me up. Later that night. I don't know. She didn't write me back. That sucks man. She virtually knows all my acquaintances, and now all people hates me. you recognize on the way to discuss with someone IRL, we will meet. I do not know In 2 months I'm going to the cosplay event with my neighbors and we'd like another individual. What event? That cosplay one. Which one? Do you need to pass or not? I haven't any cash. We've already paid for everything How so? My pal have wealthy dad and mom and that they paid for a resort and stuff.
i am going to give it some thought. okay, yet earlier than you may move you need to ship me your pic. For what? We costume up as a set and we should have somebody with a slim figure. The rest of my associates pay loads of recognition to what we will appear as if together as a group. I instead not to. I don't strength you to do anything but I should be sure if you are gorgeous. If you don't try this, I will ought to uncover somebody else. I actually need to go out with you, you're a cool dood. Our crew isn't complete if you aren't there. And what ought to I do? Take an image with out a shirt in the front of the mirror. i'll do it in a Tshirt.

I want to know when you are too fat. No, I am not. I must be sure. Anything like that? OH definite. Slowly from an ordinary image tosometime later I can't do that anymore. Take this photo. please no Are you sure? You larger take that picture. please depart me on my own i've thousands of your photos. It will be bad if somebody posts them on the internet. alright Can you smile at me at the camera? Well boy, I educated you well. Are we having a good time? who're you? How did you get here? She ratted you out, bro. Get out of my room. No. I'm able to smash you want a sprig. You may, but will you damage him? discord waifu bot is going on here? Elo, elo, 5, 2, 0.

Code a Discord Bot with JavaScript - Host at no cost within the Cloud</h1>
hello, I'm Beau Carnes with unfastened code I'm  going to allow you to code a discord bot with  . JavaScript that runs completely within the cloud  at no cost. I already made a course approximately coding  . a discord bot with Python. And you can get  the hyperlink to that up here within the nook or  . down in the outline. we're gonna use a few  exclusive equipment, adding the discord API,  . some JavaScript libraries, and a cloud computing  platform known as replique. You possibly already  . know what discord is, and what a discord  bot is, since you're watching this tutorial ,  . but just if you do not let me give you a brief  overview. discord is an app used for real time  . textual content chat, discord servers are set up with the aid of people  and usually are focused on a definite community.  . Many organizations and companies have discord  servers for folks to talk with one another..
A Discord server usually has many channels, which  are distinctive rooms that you'll chat in. A  . discord bot, is a consumer on your Discord server that  is managed by using a software in place of anyone.  . you can code a discord bot to make it do whatever  you want. there are various matters discord bots  . are often used for. They can be used to speak,  reply to messages, manage servers, play tune,  . and more. you can also use an internet hooks with a  discord bot to do things like supply genuine time  . updates on a GitHub repository. The bow we will  create during this course is called recommended bot, it  . can inform people inspirational rates that it gets  from an API. additionally , when the user says a tragic notice,  . the bot will reply with an encouraging word.  clients may also add or get rid of encouraging phrases  . that the bot makes use of directly from Discord. The first  step for creating a discord bot is to make certain.
You've a Discord server to add the bot to, you  would already have one. but let me just show you  . the way to set one up certainly speedy in case you don't  have already got one. So you are going to need to go  . to discord comm and log into Discord. And then you  just click the plus button here to add a server.  . And I'll say for me and my friends. And I'll just  name it robotic family server. Ok, let's create  . that. And we've got our server. okay, so before  we are able to code our bot using Python, and using the  . discord API, we have to first create a discord bot  account correct within Discord. So you're going to  . have to visit the discord developer portal. I'll  positioned the link in the outline, but it's just  . discord comm minimize builders decrease applications.  So once you're on the applications page, you are.
Going to click this new applications button. And  then we're going to create a name for it. This bot  . goes to ship friendly encouragement to people  from in Discord. So I'm going to name it encourage  . bot. Ok, i'll create that. okay, now I'm going  to go to the bot tab right here. And then I am going to  . click add bot and say sure, do it. okay, we will keep  the default the default settings as a public bot,  . and then we won't require the OAuth to provide the  code grant. So now the the bot has been created.  . Your next step is to repeat the bot token. Ok,  so i am going to simply click on replica to repeat the token,  . we will desire that later. Now  this token is your bots password.  . So be sure not to share it with anybody. It  might permit somebody to log into your bot and do  . every kind of bad matters. And iit could even allow  someone to debris along with your server. and likewise,.
you could definitely regenerate the token if  they accidentally get shared. So now we have  . to invite the bot to our server, we have the  bot person, and we need to get into our server.  . to do this, we are gonna have to create an invite  URL for it. So let's visit the off to tab here.  . And now we are simply gonna visit the scope area.  seeing that it is a bot, we will simply click Buy here.  . we've to scroll down somewhat more and  visit the bot permissions area. So we'll choose  . the permissions we'd like for the bot. Our bot  goes to be mainly used for textual content messages.  . So we don't desire lots of permissions. So your  bot might do various things. Yet let's just  . select a majority of these here. In fact will do all  of them in this line except ship TTS messages. Now  . you do should be cautious with this administrator  permissions. in case you give your bot administrative.
Permissions it has a it's going to be able to control  your server in ways that you will no longer actually  . prefer. And then i assume the last one we need to  upload is the view channels are bots going to have  . to view the channels. So after choosing the  excellent permissions, we will click the Copy  . button right here. And this will reproduction a URL  that can be used to feature the bot to a server.  . And II guess we'll also have to recopy the  lower back key, we copy the returned key previous,  . yet now it has been re copied with this URL. So  we are going to have again later to get the again key.  . but now let's just open up a brand new tab, and I'm  gonna visit this URL. Ok, so we now have to  . choose a server, we want to upload the bot to I'll  select robotic household server, your best option,  . yet you'll likely have more than more techniques.  So we'll click on maintain. And we wish to approve.

That we want to do all these items, we want  to authorize the bot for all these things.  . And II'm not a robot and the bot is allowed.  that means the bot has joined the server. So  . if we actually cross over into our server, we are able to see  endorsed bot just slid into the server. But also  . you notice over here that the bot is offline, it's  not going to be on-line till we write our code that  . creates the bot and run the code. And speaking of  code, it is time to start that. Now I said earlier  . that you do not have to put in anything, you don't  ought to use any software apart from your web browser,  . we are going to be creating the entire discord bot  right within the cloud on replicat. the web site for  . replique is our And copy is an online  identification e that you can just use in your internet browser..

So it makes it a lot easier to code things if  you don't have to put in any different software  . on your machine. after which you can log into  it from distinct browsers, numerous computer systems,  . and then you can effortlessly entry your code and your  courses whatever laptop you are utilizing.  . So we will make our wager on this. And then  it may also be totally hosted in the cloud,  . we can even run the bot in this website. So we  haven't got to run it on our nearby desktop. And  . which will make it for you to retain the bot walking.  no matter if our computer shuts down, or we're gonna  . in which we near the browser tab or whatever like  that, i'll make it easier to make the bot so it'll  . preserve walking within the historical past constantly.  after which you do not have to fret about it.  . If you do not already have account, you're  going to enroll. Yet i'll log in right here,.
i will enable you use replique to  create the bot from scratch. but just in case you  . click the hyperlink in the description to the completed  bot, you are going to desire to click fork here.  . And you don't really want to begin modifying, you  should want to fork it and then create your  . own reproduction, after which begin modifying in place of trying  to request edit my replica . Ok, it truly is replique.  . So allow me allow you to start a new assignment.  We are simply going to click new new repple right here.  . And then i'll be utilizing node j s. So  i am going to click on node j s. And then if we need,  . we are able to call it or you can use the default  call, I'm going to call it motivate bot  . js, after which create repple. we'll be  using the discord.js node library to write the  . code for the bot. This cross js is an API wrapper for  discord that makes it simpler to create a discord.
Bot, and no GS or JavaScript. Ok, we're in our  assignment, you will discover that we have got our files here  . we have our code that we'll write right here.  And then we've a console over on the facet. And  . then there's a few special tabs, we are only  going to be mainly utilizing the files tab here. But  . we will also be utilizing the database tab later.  Yet for now, let's get started. So first,  . we'll add the discord.js library. So  I will add const discord equals require discord.js.  . Now repple, it is going to automatically install  this dependency once you press the button the  . Run button. So that's one cool element about  repple is that dependencies are installed  . immediately. And iif you ever have a problem,  you can always go into the shell. And you can  . install anything manually within the shell. But  let's return over to the console. This center.js.
Revolves round the idea of movements. An event  is whatever you take heed to and then respond to.  . as an example, whilst a message occurred, you will  accept an event approximately it that you'll be able to reply to,  . we're going to begin with the aid of making aa very simple bot.  This is a bot that is going to respond to messages.  . it truly is taken instantly from the discord.js doc  documentation. So we are going to start through making a very  . easy one. And then we'll maintain to feature to  and make it extra elaborate and make it work for our  . applications. So after this first line, we have to get  a shopper const client And equals new discord dot  . client. So that's our discord purchaser that  we are going to be working with to hook up with our Discord  . server. It's the client for the discord.js  library. okay, I pointed out exceptional hobbies.  . So our purchaser is going to answer different  sorts of activities. One occasion is the ready occasion,.
A prepared occasion means that the bot has successfully  related to our Discord server and iis ready to do  . more things. So let's upload code now to respond  to the all set event. So you begin with client  . that on so on what on what event?  Well, the development goes to be all set.  . So on the prepared occasion, once it's ready to start  operating, once it's connected to our server,  . it is going to name this callback operate.  So let's make this callback operate here.  . And we are just going to console  dot log anything console dot  . log, weblog and as. And then once I get the  client call, or the username, the call of  . the bot client, that person dot tag. okay, now we're  going to respond to a different occasion, the event  . is a message. So every time the bot sees a message  within the discord server, it will get the message.
Occasion and it'll do whatever whenever there's  a message, so client that on message. And then  . it is going to name this callback function, we'll get  access to the message by way of this parameter here.  . And we will examine to determine what the message  in fact is. message content material is the text of the  . message. So we'll determine for this  example, if the message is the be aware Ping.  . And iif so, then we'll do whatever. So we are going  to reply message reply. Pong. So it is going to the our  . bot will correctly reply with an additional message  within the chat, and the message will be Pong.  . Ok, now that we've got our, our event set  up the prepared event within the message event,  . we should have our purchaser login to the server. So  to log into the server, we will do purchaser dot login.  . Now right here, we need to positioned our token. Yet we're  unlikely to really you may positioned your token.
As a string right here. Remember, the token is a thing  when we created the bot on the developer page,  . we copied the token. And if you do not have that  anymore, you can return to the developer web page and  . replica the token. lower back, you may placed the token as a  string here. Yet we are not going to do this.  . And this is why due to the fact anything on repple,  it can be accessed through anybody on the internet.  . So we don't need anyone as a way to have access  to our token that is like a password for our bot.  . And then anybody could actually use our bot to do  anything that they wanted. We don't want that. So  . we should have a discovered we'd like a way to  preserve our token a secret. and the way we are going  . to do that is when it inside an environment  variable repple, it has a different manner of doing  . that, we are going to create our environment  variable in just a moment. Let's entry it correct.
Now. after which we are going to create it. as a way to access  a environment variable, where we do process  . dot E and V dot and then the name of the  environment variable, which to that end is going  . to be token. So we now have to find an area to put  this. So it's how it really works in redplum, we're  . gonna create a brand new dossier, and i am gonna call it dot  E and V. anything in a dot E and V file is hidden  . from the rest of the world. And you will discover we  have already got it right here. So we have the note token,  . you're gonna have got to placed the be aware token and then  an equivalent signal. And then you paste in your token  . which you obtained for your bot. So for that reason, this  is my token. And now that we've got our token stored  . in our environmental variable, it may get the  token and the dot E and V file. Like I suggested,  . it cannot be accessed via it, no person can see except  you in the other dossier. every person can see it but.
The dot EMB basically you will find it and that is how  we can get that token that no-one else can see.  . i suppose all of you simply saw due to the fact I just  noticed it on my display, but more usually,  . you recognize to not be making a video so no person will  correctly see the actual environment variable.  . So it's time I'm going to run this software.  Ok, it says we are logged in. So that labored.  . maybe you may have had a difficulty if by some means it  did not automatically set up discord dot j s. In  . that case, like I reported, you can set up it in  this shell. but every thing worked for me so and  . i am going to pass over to my Discord server  today and see what it seems like. okay,  . show is that recommended through is logged in. So  I'm going to do a talk, I'm gonna type in  . ping pong. And notice since it's a respond, it says  My call because recommended by using replying to me.
And announcing Pong. So it worked. We've a bot, and  it really works. Now that we've got a hassle-free bot working,  . we will enhance it. It's known as encouraged bot for  a rationale. The bot will respond with a message  . of encouragement anytime someone despatched a message  containing a sad or miserable notice. Anybody will  . be capable to upload encouraging messages for the bot  to apply, and the user submitted messages will be  . stored within the replique database. The bot will also  return a random inspirational quote from an API.  . when somebody models a message in spire into the  chat. we are going to start with including the inspire feature,  . we're gonna get inspirational quotes  from an API referred to as Zen  . Now this, it can work with any API,  you can use any API and just any API that's  . going to return JSON or any form of string, you  can use. And then you can get that data..
after which you can actually go back the string as a  message with your bot. Yet I simply found it truly is in  . charges that I owe is a easy thanks to get a quote  and encouraging or motivating quote, that we can  . return with our bond. So seeing that we're going  to be calling this API, we will need  . to import the node fetch module. So up right here,  i am going to do const. Fetch equals require  . node fat. So we will use that to call  the API. And now let's make a operate known as get  . quote, that will have the ability to be known as to get  a quote from the API. So operate, get quote,  . inside this operate, we will go back the  quote. And iinside this function, we are going  . to fetch the quote, and really, we're going to  return it so go back, and then I will do my fetch  . command, fetch. And then here's where we put  the URL, HTTPS, colon decrease lower than
lessen API. Let's make more space right here. So  you will see that every little thing that i am typing in  . x n goes to be slash random. Ok, after  we fetch the info, do dot then this  . is an asynchronous name. So first, it receives the  data, it won't get it right away, so but  . it is going to wait until it gets data from  this URL, then it's going to do whatever with  . that information. So let's positioned the callback operate,  they are going to name that will call after get that information.  . We will go back the outcome.  Yet we will convert it to JSON.  . after which we are going to do whatever else with  that information that JSON that information that's again.  . We're going to return we'll layout it  in the exact manner we need it to be formatted.  . So we've the data. And permit me simply type in this.  . okay, to determine exactly what I want  to come back right here and how to format this,.
I had to use trial and error. So I  got the info from this URL,  . and i converted JSON. And then I figured out  that the Q is quote, and the A is the author. So  . this goes to put the quote here. And then it's  going to be there will be a dash and there'll be the  . writer, you'll see exactly what it appears like when  we test this out. Yet so this is going to this is  . going to come back a random inspirational quote. And  to get the data into the format i wanted.  . it is going to seem like that. And so it's going to  return the quote when somebody calls this function.  . So let's update our message. right here, so it will  return a quote at the right time, we are going  . to feature anything in which, first we are gonna upload a  new element, we are gonna examine to work out if the message  . is from the bot. If the bot ever says anything we  don't desire the bot to, to answer itself. So if.
Message dot writer dot bot, which means if the  bot is author of the message, just go back.  . So we are not likely to do anything in that  case. But if message content equals, good,  . it is not gonna be equal, and ping anymore, we're  searching for the be aware encourage. So if it senses  . that there is a message that's, that's encourage,  then we're gonna do the get quote, operate,  . get quote, that then, so you spot wherein, where  respond, we are returning the chance, the what's  . the result of this fetch. And so this is also a  promise that we can then this is an async name. So  . when we get the end result, then we will do  something, then we are going to take the quote  . and we are going to do a message dot channel, dot send.  So this goes to send a message to the whole  . channel, and the message is going to be the  quote. Ok, let's do that out. First of all,.
discontinue it because it was already jogging before  yet we just started again for the recent code.  . And I'll wait until it suggests it's logged in right here.  Oh, see is installing the node fetch module now.  . okay, we are logged in. okay, now  I will sort dollar sign motivate.  . They say love is the best investment The  extra you provide, the more you get in go back,  . Audrey Hepburn. Wow, i feel very encouraged now.  . And just so you recognize, it does not respond  like that to anything. If I say whats up,  . it doesn't have reaction, the only response if it  sees dollar signal and spider. Now we are able to implement  . the characteristic where the bot respond with encouraging  messages when a user posts a message with a sad  . be aware. So first, we have to create an array that  involves the sorrowful words that the bot will respond  . to. So i am gonna cross up here, and II'm going to  create an array, it is going to be referred to as sad.
phrases. And then I will just  have a listing of sad phrases.  . Now you can use any list you desire, and  any sad words concerning the unhappy , depressed,  . sad, angry. And we are going to do those. But  you may upload more to this list if you  . favor. Now we will upload an array of encouraging  messages that the bot will respond wherein. So  . let's upload an additional array called  encouragements, const encouragements  . Cheer up. dangle in there. You  are a great individual, or bot.  . not like before, be happy to add any phrases you  desire, or just change them up. i am just using these  . 3 goods for now, because later we are going to upload the  capacity for users to feature extra encouraging phrases  . for the bots to for the bot to apply. So now we need  to replace our bot to use the two lists we created.  . So let's pass down to the message function, we're  going to feature yet another section here. And we are.
Going to add a piece that is going to examine to  see if the message features a notice from the sad  . thesaurus. And then if a tragic observe is found, the  bot will ship a random message of encouragement.  . So let's add that. And this time, I just paste  it in a few code, and we'll pass over it.  . So this is how we'll check if the  message encompasses a word and the sad phrases list.  . So we begin with sad phrases, that sum, this is an  array method. permit me show you what it is gonna do.  . we will suffer every item in the array,  or consequently, a be aware. after which we're going to  . determine if message content material dot comprises if the  message contains the note, and we're going to  . try this for each observe within the list. And thiis sad  words that Psalm goes to come true if one or  . more of this stuff are genuine. And so if at least  a kind of words in the list is in the middle.
it's going to be authentic. So then it is going to run  the code right here. So first we're going to create a  . unmarried encouragement. So the encouragement  list, we have the encouragement record,  . and then we need a random factor. So that's how  we get a random element. Mat that floor rounds  . down math dot random time, it is encouragements  that link. So it truly is just aa way to get a random  . index number for the encouragements array. And  then we'll get that random encouragement,  . and then message reply, encouragement. So  it is going to return that encouragement.  . Ok, let's stop this. And then we are going  to restart it. Ok, we are able to experiment it. I'm unhappy .  . says Beau Carnes. dangle in there. It's very  encouraging. thanks advocated purchased,  . i am comfortable now. And it does not respond  at all. due to the fact now that i am completely happy,.
It doesn't need to respond. but now I'm  feeling good. I'm feeling depressed.  . Cheer up. Oh, that makes me believe a lot better.  And you can find us getting random terms,  . cling in there, cheer up, and iinclude my call here.  Because it's a respond. If we return to our code,  . you will see that that it's a message dot respond. Anytime  it's a reply, it is going to comprise the name,  . the individual that pronounced the message, and then  the new message, that's the encouragement.  . Ok, you essentially comprehend sufficient to  make your individual bot. And you can go to  . the discord.js documentation to find out even  more features you can do together with your discord bot.  . Yet now we will gain knowledge of as we speak how to  implement extra advanced capabilities with this bot,  . and shop data using the rep database. So  let's make it possible to update the bot.
Right from Discord. A person ought to be able to  upload more encouraging messages for the bot to use  . when it detects the sorrowful be aware, we will be  utilizing replicates built in database to store user  . submitted messages. The database is a key value  shop that is built into every reproduction . So if you  . click on here, it says database, it's going to  show you these kind of database instructions you can use.  . So you're always going to need to import  the database at the tip, you may create a  . new database, we're in fact going to put some  of these commands in the present day. So if we simply go  . up to the end right here, after which right less than my other  require, I'm going to click on insert here. And it's  . simply going to put this code correct in here, current  database equals require, after which it's going to  . get this database library. okay, now we have to  create a new database. So we are going to separate those.
Require statements from these different new statements  right here. So i will create a new database.  . And once we run the code, this  will immediately set up.  . And if it would not, or if you are doing it on your  regional machine, you can just move over to the shell  . and do npm set up, and then use this for the  name here. So what we will do down here  . after the encouragements, we're  going to initialize the database  . with these 3 encouragements. We're  gonna just add these to the to the database  . if they're not already in the database. So  that is how we're gonna do that. dB dot get  . encouragements. So we're going to get the  encouragement that are already in the database.  . Well, if it is the 1st time this program  runs, there will not be any in there. but when the  . program has run formerly in our there's already  encouraged us in the database, then we'll get the.
List of encouragements that are in the database.  So that is the foremost, enter thiis key key value  . pairs. So this is the major after which we're going to  get the price which to start off with would be no,  . but after we get the encouragement, then  we'll take these encouragements.  . after which we'll do that.  i'll placed this function here.  . If we will examine if there are no  encouragements, if there are no encouragements or  . if the encouragements that link  is under one. So if there's  . zero encouragements, then we're going to add the  encouragements. So there will always be at least  . anything to encourage people with. So and by  the manner, the explanation why we've the two of these  . is because the first time thiis runs encouragements  will be no yet later encourages may be 0..
So an both case, we wish to do DB dot set.  we'll set the encouragements key. We're  . going to set this to be the encouragements. good,  we wish to set to be these encouragements, but  . we're already using this variable right here. And we're  going to apply encouragements later. So it is what  . let's just difference this to be called starter  encouragements. So it truly is now this starter  . encouragements, and we're going to set these  encouragements to be the starter encouragements.  . users will be capable to add custom  encouraging messages for the bot to use  . directly from the discord chat. Before we add  new instructions to the bot, let's upload to let's  . create two helper capabilities that will upload custom  messages to the database and delete the messages.  . So correct after this, we're going to  create a helper function operate..
Operate replace encouragements and it's going  to take one argument and encouraging message.  . And so first, we're gonna get the record of  present encouraging messages, db dot get  . encouragement. after which after  we get those encouragements,  . then we'll take those encouragements.  . And iin this operate, we're gonna do something  with them. So we are gonna do encouragements  . dot push, we are gonna push the hot message on to  this record onto this array. encouraging message.  . Now, we'll do DB dot set,  we will upload this to the database  . with the hot the hot encouraging message on it. So  . encouragements that's the key, and the hot value  for that key goes to be encouragements. okay,  . we have to make an extra operate to delete  the encouragements. So function, delete, incur.
Encouragement. And this is going to take an index,  the index within the array that should be deleted.  . So first, we're going to  get it's aactually gonna be  . somewhat comparable. So I'm going to  get just copy this and paste this in.  . but we aren't going to be pushing any new any  new factor here. So what we'll do instead  . is if encouragement, that length is greater than  the index, we're simply simply good delete something  . if the index is is really a suitable index.  So if the length is more than the index,  . then it is portion of the index will correctly apply  to this array. What we'll do is incur  . encouragements dot splice, it truly is the way you remove  an item from an array index one. So on the index,  . we will eliminate one item, after which we're  going to just flow this up. i will reduce this.
And positioned it right here. So now we're going to set the  encouragement lower back to be this new encouragements  . array that has the encouragements  get rid of that we wish to remove.  . Ok, let's replace this area now. So now we  have to make sure that we're utilizing our list from  . the database once we return a message whilst there's  a tragic note detected. So let's upload something here.  . we are going to have to get the the  messages from the database. So DB  . dot get encouragement. That then encouragement.  . And now all this code, i am simply gonna  cut that aand then positioned it in right here.  . And this is actually must be advocated minutes.  . okay, now let's make it so our bot will respond  to two new commands. So, if message dot content  . dot starts offevolved begins with. So if the content material starts  with dollar sign new, then we are going to do.
whatever. So first we have to figure out what the  new the new messages. So the man would be typing  . dollar signal new area, and then they will put their  new message that ought to be ought to be added to the  . list of encouragements. So the encouraging message  is going to equivalent message dot content material dot cut up,  . new one. So this is the strategy. And  that split is a JavaScript string  . technique. And we will break up at this  and make sure there's a space at the top,  . because the person's going to kind in dollar  signal new area. after which we'd like anything after  . that to be the new message. So index one in the  array, due to the fact this goes to create an array  . index one would be anything after this. So  we'll get the encouraging message. And then  . replace encouragements with  the encouraging message..
And then when we try this, we will send a message  to the whole channel, message dot channel, dot  . ship. So our bot is about to send this  message new, inspire Jane and her urging,  . there we cross. Message added. Oh, see right here.  Encouraging. There we cross. New encouraging message  . added. okay, we have now to do a similar issue with  delete. So I'm simply going to copy this whole thing  . because it would be sort of similar, and then paste  it right here. Now we are seeking to see if the message  . the user versions in starts with D l for delete. And  we are splitting it D L. And it's now going to  . be the index, the man goes to kind in  dollar sign t l space and they'll put  . various and the range is going to be the  index of the array that ought to be deleted,  . sends it to range we should always do parse int to  convert this to from a string to an int. So.
Parse int, and then I'm going to positioned this  in parentheses. So parse int, and iinstead of  . update encouragements, we will be doing  the leet encouragement. And then i can placed the  . index here, and then message that child  that send new encouraging message deleted.  . Ok, we can experiment this out here. So I'll  run the program. And we are logged in.  . I'm unhappy . grasp in there. That's really  encouraging. good, let's come to be even  . more encouraging, because I'm going to add a new  message. You're a great individual, and also a great  . singer. Hmm, that might make me think recommended.  okay, how about nice avatar? And how about  . that was a wonderful message. okay, now I'm  going to see if it's going to use a kind of new  . messages we added. So I'm sad. That was  a fabulous message. i am depressed. I.

guess that changed into a wonderful message. Is that  encouraging if i am announcing that i'm unhappy , but  . you're a super person and also a superb singer.  Now let's examine if we can delete the sort of.  . So let's delete. i'll do Dell and I'll put index  zero. And let me simply delete a few of them.  . Now we must have deleted all three of  the preliminary messages. So if what is sad  . let's have a look at if we see any of the initial messages.  . We are not seeing any we're simply seeing the new  ones because all of the initial ones were deleted.  . okay, now we're going to add the flexibility to get  a listing of user submitted messages correct from  . Discord. And we will we will upload the ability To turn  on and off no matter if the bot responds to sad words.  . So that modify no matter if it responds or no longer, we're  going to add a brand new variable or a new new key.
magnitude pair to the database. So allow me scroll  up somewhat. And right before this where  . we initialize the encouragements key significance pair,  let's do the same factor with yet another one DB that  . get responding. So this can be a variable  called responding or the foremost value pair.  . In order we're seeking to figure out, if the  bot should be responding or no longer, then  . magnitude gets regardless of the the initial importance is.  . And let's verify if it exists but.  If If value equals equals null,  . that signifies that this is the first time the  application has run, so it is not in the database but.  . Then let's set it to something set, set it to  responding goes to equivalent or be set to real.  . Now, this will in basic terms take place if the value  goes no. So in case you run this system,  . and you've got set this to false, the subsequent time  this system runs, it will not then be set to real,.
It will still be saved in the database,  even if you stop and restart the program.  . Ok, so the complete point of that was to change  no matter if it responds to the sad phrases or no longer.  . So let's upload whatever else  here. dB that get responding.  . And we're attempting to see if the, if the bots  be responding or now not, then reply responding.  . Now we'll take this complete thing here.  And iit's going to be within this different section,  . and let me indent this. So now we're  gonna examine if responding is true. And  . this is actual. okay, so be responding. There we  cross. So now we're checking with for 2 things to  . be authentic earlier than it sends the encouraging message.  Ok, let's go down and we will add two  . command to extra instructions, one of them will be to  record all of the encouraging messages. And any other.
Command will be to change the responding  reputation to both real or false on or off.  . So if message dot content material dot starts  with, if it starts offevolved with much less record,  . then we will list all of the messages. So  first, we have to get the messages DB dot get  . encouragements dot then and encouragement.  . And then in fact this week  referred to as encouragements techniques dot  . channel dot ship encouragements. So ship all  the encouragement to the channel as a message.  . Ok, so for the subsequent one, you  simply replica this primary line here.  . If message content that starts offevolved with and  this time it will be responding.  . So which means we are chaining the command  is to change even if the bot is going to  . reply or now not. So let's get the cost first  value equals message dot content material dot cut up.  . responding with the gap at the  end, one, this is just like earlier than,.

And the value is either going to be  actual or fake. So if lowercase  . equals equals equals genuine then DB that  sec responding to true. additionally message dot  . channel dot send. Chris respond. chance.  Oh, wait a moment, Reese bonding is on  . else. So if it's aanything yet actual, we'll assume  it's fake. So allow me just replica this right here,  . else set responding to false, and the  message would be responding is off.  . The code for the bot is total.  . We are gonna test it out an additional time. And  then I will enable you to make the bot,  . how to set the bot to run continuously,  or run this system and it's logged in.  . Ok, let's just attempt to do a listing. Let's  see if I'm able to upload anything to the record.  . And I'll do the list returned. And provides the object I  added the item. yes , and now it is at the list. Now.
it is even easier to delete matters. So I'm going  to delete that become a fabulous message because  . we don't need to reply with that if someone  says a tragic message. So i'll do tell that's  . the index . And then I will do list  . and oh, you know this is wrong new encouraging  message deleted. that does not make sense.  . that is just be encouraging message deleted.  I do not know why i didn't notice that before.  . So let's replace that to encouraging.  that is going to be new. There we move. Look  . feels like I have a few spelling mistakes here.  Ok, responding. after which down here. We have  . responding. I do not know why i can not spell  this. okay, let's play that again. Hopefully  . we haven't any mistakes. or run that again. Keep  announcing play because it feels like a play button.  . And now i'll list.
And it's long past. It does not say that became a wonderful  message anymore. unhappy . Oh, i didn't imply it. but I  . should not put the greenback signal yet it should  still reply because it has the be aware unhappy .  . Oh, but it is not there's no  area earlier than it's so let's just  . Oh, it is responding. nice avatar said  you are a exceptional individual and likewise a great  . singer. Now let's have a look at if we are able to turn it  on and off. So responding, false or false.  . Responding is off. So if I type in sad, it doesn't  respond. Now i can turn it lower back on responding.  . reply, issue genuine. Responding  is on. So if I kind in depressed,  . you are a top notch person and likewise a superb singer.  . It works. We've created the bot, we have tested  it, everything works. okay, so our bot is finished.  . But there's one more thing I desire to show you,  which is the way to make the bot run continuously.
As it's if you ever close your eyes. So if you  run this bot right this moment if I run this bot and  . ever close my tab or close my browser, it will  stop walking. but we need to make it so it'll  . just run in the heritage. So you don't even  should have your desktop on for the discord  . bot to be walking. So there is how you can do  it. a technique is simply to click correct up here.  . And you will see it says this repple may well be kept  necessarily on and there typically will be just a an on  . button here to keep watch over so simply retain running  within the history. Whether you close things  . notwithstanding you do have to upgrade. So you do have  to improve to the paid plan to have this built  . in way to maintain the repple necessarily on. So here's the  pricing for the hacker plan that repple gives.  . You get five rebels that are necessarily on if you  if you get it you furthermore mght get a gaggle of garage,.
Additional memory extra speed, and soon you will even  get offline rebels and $7 a month is pretty  . affordable. it is identical to you would pay for  any internet hosting replique made this course possible  . through a grant. and they are also providing three  months free of this hacker plan to the first  . one thousand those that clink that click on the link in the  description with the coupon code. but like I suggested,  . there's also a way to get your rep to be always  on at no cost devoid of even signing up for this.  . And II'm going to show you that today. If you  run your bot and repple it after which close the tab,  . it's strolling on your bot became stopped strolling.  notwithstanding, there is a workaround. So the workaround  . while not having to pay anything is that replica  will maintain strolling a web server even after the  . tab is closed. but even a web server will purely run  for up to an hour without any use. So to keep the.
Bot running constantly, we will use a different free  service referred to as uptime robotic. that is the uptime  ., it's set up to ping the bar to  information superhighway server on rappeler each five minutes. And  . then with constant pings, the bot will never enter  the drowsing level and could simply hold going for walks. So  . we have to do things, we need to create the  web server and replicate and mounted uptime robot  . to continually ping the internet server. So allow me  show you how we're going to create the webserver.  . First of all, i'll create a new file,  and just click Upload file and this goes to be  . called server dot j s. Ok, and now we're going  to be using exhibit to create the internet server.  . okay, so we'll do const.  convey, equals require, show.  . And then we to create the server  so const server equals show..
Now that we've got the server, we need  to create a direction. And the course is the  . factor that's that's going to be pinged from  uptime robotic. So right here we pass, server, dot all.  . So this creates a brand new path at just slash  like just at your root domain. And it's  . going to answer all HTTP requests.  That's what this all is. So like get  . placed, put up, and it's just going to say it is going  to ship returned bot is walking. So now that we have  . the server all set, we need to create a function  that starts offevolved the server. So operate, and we're  . just going to be calling it keep alive because  it's going to retain alive our replique instance.  . Server dot, pay attention. we'll listen at Port 3000.  And then we're simply going to log whatever.  . Whoops, to be equivalent sign.  Console dot log server is able.  . So while youtube bot for discord is run,  it will the server is gonna start.
Listening at Port 303,000. And it's going  to log servers prepared. And now we simply have  . to export this as a way to import it and run  it from our bot file. So module dot exports.  . Equals hold alive. okay, now let's make sure that  while our bot runs, automatically runs this server.  . So allow me go into our index dot j, s. And  then at the very proper here const hold alive  . and require. And then we are simply going to  require the server that we simply created  . server. after which down right here,  correct before our client logs in,  . preserve alive. So we are going to start our server  will start that server function.  . okay, now let's run this and  see if the server starts offevolved.  . Oh, in fact, we have the desire to make hold alive,  no longer hold alive ever. So let's test that again.  . And we are able to tell that the server started  because it spread out a new window here and.
It says bot is going for walks. So i will copy  there's a hyperlink here which I'm going to  . choose and replica. that's our server link that  we'll have to put into uptime robot.  . So let's move set this up on uptime robotic to ping  our server every 5 mins. okay, I uptime  . And you're either gonna have to  check in or login. And when you get logged in,  . you'll see this dashboard and there's this  upload new track here. So I'm gonna click that.  . And monitor type, this goes to be an HTTPS  monitor. and that i can simply name thiis encouraged bot.  . after which I will simply paste in the  URL that I copied from our applet.  . And then it's on each five mins.  . after which, if I need i will select myself to notify  with a view to be notified when whatever goes  . incorrect, but you know, i am not going to notify  myself so i am simply going to do create monitor.

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